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Yvette Holden
Re: What constitutes a “second or successive” petition in ...
Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:01am

Appeal courts are not the safeguard people think they are, I find most appeals never see the light of day unless the innocence group (or similar groups) are backing the claims or if public opinion is outraged at the injustices. So many appeals get ignored and refused when there is strong evidence of innocence. I didn't realize just how many until I started researching some cases.....I find it outrageous in this day and age with all the technology we have that people still get executed with no forensic evidence linking them to the crime. So many defendants on DR have had inadequate defense attorneys not only have these attorneys failed to defend them at trial most mess up any future appeals for these people. Now this I find so immoral and very sinister most in the justice system are aware of these blatant injustices yet don't care. People tend to think 'they must be guilty if police and DAs have charged them like most juries believe defendants to be guilty! When you add defendants have attorneys who may as well be working for the prosecutor because they certainly don't help them, some of these so called defense attorneys are anything but... its not surprising juries convict! What is shocking is appeal judges are aware of the corruption but do little to stop it or expose it, that is criminal and totally immoral. Appeals only get heard when defendants are lucky enough to have projects take their cases hundreds more are totally let down by all the injustices! The system is broken and the safety nets have too many big holes they don't save enough!

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