Yvette Holden
Re: What constitutes a “second or successive” petition in ...
Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:15am

This I find wrong in appeal cases they have to make all grounds for appeal in the first twelve months after conviction. Most defendants are uneducated and don't have access to good legal advice, yet they are responsible (not their attorney) for getting these claims in. Even when defendants tell attorneys to put claims in so many don't many totally miss the dates and put no grounds in! What is unbelivable when this happens (which is often) the defendants still cannot make their claims..... bad legal representation is not a good enough excuse!. Many DR inmates have good appeal grounds but cannot use them because attorneys did not follow the correct procedure in those first twelve months! The appeal system is stacked against them.... all because they wish to speed things up and save money they forgot about truth and justice! This is what is so unfair most defendants are left to appeal on feeble grounds because original defense attorneys are outrageously inadequate but what most people don't know is these incompetent attorneys mess up any future appeals. You have to wonder was the system changed to make it appear defendants don't have good appeal grounds! Judges are aware of so many injustices yet they ignore them....too many judges fail to do the right thing. I mean what is that ruling about 'even if a man is shown to be innocent if he's been convicted in a court of law by a jury of his peers he can be executed' innocence doesn't count.....! Please anyone agree that this is fair and just? The more you look into the system the more lies and deceit you realize fairness, truth and justice are the three things that should be most important in the justice system....sadly these three things mean nothing to some justice officials!

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