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Re: What constitutes a “second or successive” petition in ...
Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:59am

And I can tell you one of those cases, Darlie Lynn Routier. She is on Texas Death Row and she is INNOCENT. They were in a hurry to close the case, so much so they only looked at her. She was a victim!!! Her two sons were slaughtered and he throat was slashed and she nearly died. And a "jiry of her peers" sent her to death row becuase the police and prosecutors said she did it!! How inhumane! How do they sleep at night? It makes me ashamed to be an American!

  • Appeal courts are not the safeguard people think they are, I find most appeals never see the light of day unless the innocence group (or similar groups) are backing the claims or if public opinion is ... more
    • Re: What constitutes a “second or successive” petition in ... — Anonymous, Sun Mar 28 3:59am
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