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Informative follow up by Attorney Ron Thrasher
Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:51am

Informative follow up by Attorney Ron Thrasher forwarded with our thanks!
Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2010 12:22 PM
Subject: RE: (Project Hope) Our own Gary Drinkard in Texas!

It should be noted that Derek Drennen ( a partner of Richard Jaffe's office at that time) and Chris Adams (from Georgia at the time, who ultimately became head of the Georgia Capital Defenders, but resigned in protest to cost cutting measures by the Ga legislature after they decided they really did not want to defend those charged with capital murder) were also attorneys on the Drinkard case.

To do a capital case justice takes a team but only two lawyers will be paid by the State of Alabama in an appointed case and then often times, depending on the location of the case and judge the money approved by the judge for other extraordinary expenses (this means: investigator, mitigation expert, forensic psychologist, firearms expert, arson/fire expert, etc, etc,) may often time not be sufficient to truly defend someone charged with capital murder unless the attorneys representing the accused push hard for what the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Supreme Court case law demands. In many areas of Alabama, and the South in general, the fight continues daily for appropriate funding and trained capital defense attorneys.

I just wanted you to know, and I am sure you do, that these other two fine capital defense attorneys where also a part of the team that ultimately saw truth prevail in the Drinkard case.

And Gary Drinkard is correct, the system is so flawed and broken that no one should be sentenced to death, and I agree that it is not our place to take life.

The United States is the only supposedly civilized western country that still maintains the death penalty. In this regard the United States has more in common with the countries that are considered threats to U.S. freedom, such as Iran and North Korea. China is a economic threat and still has the largest army in the world and it too still has the death penalty.

Of countries that maintain the death penalty in the world the United States finds itself on this dubious list. How ironic since most countries on this list meet the U.S. Dept of State's criteria for unfriendly or hostile nations toward the United States, yet they agree on one thing, the death penalty.

Thanks for keeping me on your email list.

Ron Thrasher
Capital Defense Attorney

  • Former DR inmate Gary Drinkard in TexasBritta, Mon Oct 25 9:50am
    Gary Drinkard was on the board of Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty while on death row. Gary is now on our advisory board and, as you see, has not forgotten his friends at Holman.... more
    • Informative follow up by Attorney Ron Thrasher — Britta, Mon Oct 25 9:51am
      • Worry about doing your job Mark, Thu Feb 9 1:31am
        Ron Thrasher is over here worrying about people that killed someone and saving their life, when at the same-time he doesn't know how to simply defend his other clients. He practices with little to no ... more
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