Jeff Woods
Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:27pm

I am with you on this one! What I want to know is how come these people who fight against the death penalty are so naive to really believe stories of death row inmates? They did not get on death row by telling the truth and it seems to me that not only are they assuming the judge, jury, D.A., and lawyers are incompetent, but they are not even thinking about the victims!!

  • Jeff Wood executionKLM, Thu Aug 21 12:43pm
    Jeff Wood was a pissant criminal boob, and the world is better off without him. If he had chosen to get a job instead of putting himself voluntarily in a criminal undertaking, he would never have... more
    • Jeff Woods — Helonwheels, Sun Aug 19 4:27pm
      • Re: Jeff WoodsAnonymous, Mon Aug 20 2:21am
        Did u even ever think some of these people are innocent? IF it were you or someone you love were in tHat horrible place uou would feel differently
        • Re: Jeff WoodsHelonwheels, Mon Aug 20 3:43am
          Yes I have thoughts on both levels the question is have you? This country is out of control and it is more likely that it will get worse. Are we to stand around and watch more people become... more
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