Re: Jeff Woods
Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:43am

Yes I have thoughts on both levels the question is have you?

This country is out of control and it is more likely that it will get worse. Are we to stand around and watch more people become victimized and as they are incorrectly unpunished because we "feel" the person did not commit the crime?

So it isn't a matter of how we "feel" it is a matter of justice and when some confesses to the crime and nine times out of ten will not be sent to death row and "we" must "pay" for their crimes it makes the system a mockery.

I do not even know why I am writing on this site, I made a mistake I am suppose to be on "Pro Death Penalty" opps!

No need for a rebuttal I am unsubscribing to this site.

  • Re: Jeff WoodsAnonymous, Mon Aug 20 2:21am
    Did u even ever think some of these people are innocent? IF it were you or someone you love were in tHat horrible place uou would feel differently
    • Re: Jeff Woods — Helonwheels, Mon Aug 20 3:43am
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