Re: The cousin of Kris Keeran wants to save Jeff's life
Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:09am

I am sorry for your loss Amanda. But I am a bit confused about this statement posted by Jeff's sister in an article:

"At no point in time did Jeff ever plan to kill anybody. Jeff was threatened by Danny prior to the robbery. (In a room with 9 of us there witnessing this fact.) Danny (the shooter in this crime who has already been executed by the state of Texas) told Jeff in front of all of us that if anybody ever “narked” on him that he would kill Jeff’s family starting with his daughter Paige.

I find this quite strange that not one person of the nine called the police immediately after the threat prior to the robbery and knowing that it could of saved not only the victim but also Jeff but no one budged???? All nine were in fear??? or this just never took place???

I just don't buy it. Out of three people one will be a snitch out of nine at least 3 would of ran to the police.

  • The cousin of Kris Keeran (the murder victim) wants to save the life of Jeff Wood: "My cousin was the person killed by Danny, not Jeff. I say this as a family member who realized long ago Jeff had no ... more
    • Re: The cousin of Kris Keeran wants to save Jeff's life — Helonwheels, Mon Aug 20 4:09am
    • I cannot belive I have never seen this post before now. Kriss is also a 1st cousin of mine and I think they were both responsible. Jeff is just as guilty as Daniel because he assisted in the robbery. ... more
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