Re: Danny Rollings
Sun May 24, 2015 12:38pm

I know this reply is years later but for myself I have to post this. You are probably the type of person of would marry a serial killer in prison and have their childre.bringing more mentally ...ed up people into the world. People like you disgust me with all your excuses for these killers. Maybe if it was one of your family members and was raped , murdered and head chopped off you may change your tune. The death penalty should be carried out very quickly and if I had any say so, painfully! An eye for an eye!

  • Danny RollingsStephenie, Fri Sep 10 4:28pm
    I have to commend you on your response. I am a Forensic Psychology major, and I have to say this: "Even though there are those who commit these crimes, there is a reason behind those crimes." It is... more
    • Re: Danny Rollings — Anonymous, Sun May 24 12:38pm
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