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Doyle's Pour House
Filthy trucker enhabits restaurant on October 28
Wed Nov 8, 2017 19:13

On October 28, thus establishment had the unfortunate circumstance of being visited by notorious truck driver and filth merchant Paul Della'Zanna. He was accompanied by a mannish female. He tore through a charburger and ate a gallon of wings. Unfortunately, even though he had the table manners of a mountain goat and gulped his food quickly, he left behind an ungodly stench requiring us to shut down the restaurant before the health department beat us to it. Additionally, he left behind filthy anal drippings throughout the facility which have seeped into the floorboards and even into the ovens and food preparation areas.

Be on the lookout for this disgusting menace.

    • He got us tooSlater's Deli, Fri Nov 10 07:51
      We haven't been able to reopen since his mis-September visit. The stench is impossible to get rid of and his anal leaking is impossible to clean.
      • We've used the stench as a marketing tool. Peruvian Chicken, Sat Nov 11 08:22
        We were unable to remove the DZ smell out of our restaurant too, but we've tried to market it as "the authentic smell of old Peru." Our business is surviving but we don't have many repeat customers.
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