Chief Brian Olsen
It's for the highway crew on MLK Day
Sat Jan 13, 2018 16:09

Mr. Della'Zanna's New Years Eve antics have bought him 90 days in jail. For MLK Day he will be picking up trash on the highway. None of our orange jump suits are crotchless, sir.

  • It's for the ladies on New Years EvePaulDZ, Sat Dec 30 10:02
    I received an awesome male crotchless wolf costume for Christmas and I'll be modeling it on the streets of Tuckerton on New Years Eve. Mr. Johnson is ready to howl! I'm going on an ass grabbing... more
    • It's for the highway crew on MLK Day — Chief Brian Olsen, Sat Jan 13 16:09
      • PaulDZ working on the toll roads President's DayChief Brian Olsen, Mon Feb 19 05:36
        DZ's sex exploits have resulted in him spending this bank holiday cleaning the very roads he works so hard to keep from maintaining. Enjoy your prison workday you pervert.
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