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Tony Blair
BZ/DZ/Maria/SP Henry's mental situation worsens
Tue Aug 28, 2018 02:45

I've just looked at the rambling, ranting, fantasy-laden posts that the resident schizoprhenic made over the last 12 hours.

We all knew that this individual has been suffering from serious mental issues. That has been clear for some time. Fantasizing about eating feces, trying to sell his own urine, posing as "a helpless immigrant girl" and then the most recent trend of continually enquiring about another man's penis. Anyone reading his posts gets the picture. He is mentally ill, and spectacularly so.

Now, he has moved on to the next level. He has Googled penis diseases and has now copied and pasted a whole passage on that subject. Clearly, his mental difficulties are worsening.

As a result, and to protect the safety of other people who may come into contact with this individual, I am happy to pass on his name and location to any member of New Jersey's mental health community in the hope that they are able to deal with him immediately.

This person needs to be removed from society for both his own benefit and for that of others. He is out of control and there is no telling what he may do next.

Please post here if you would like details of where to find the unfortunate character.

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