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NJ Department of Mental Health
Urgent notice for poster 'PaulBZ'
Fri Aug 31, 2018 07:55

For the attention of Mr PaulBZ.

The NJ Department of Mental Health has been monitoring your activity on this board. It has reached the decision to require you to report to its secure facility at 1 Penn Plaza E, Newark, NJ on Monday 3 September at 0900hrs.

Reason for this requirement: Numerous posts concerning penises, posts regarding penis disease, schizophrenic behavior using multiple personalities. Interest in feces consumption and attempts to sell urine.

Possible consequences of visit to NJDMH: You may be secured for your own safety. If our staff adjudges, you will be detained for a mental health examination. If the results of that are of concern, you will be held in a secure institution while a treatment plan is devised. During that time you will have no internet access.

Possible consequences of non-attendance: A warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Please acknowledge this message.

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