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I will start with this thought, after 34 years
Wed Jan 5, 2011 19:25

Of being a Christian, I have experienced the ups and downs of understanding faith, and what it means and why religion is so divisive at times. I have explored the history of mainline religions and found common factors that link us, but have also been concerned over the things that we don't see eye to eye about. And I try to grasp how religion has changed from generations to generations. And if it's Ok to change?! That's where I am this moment. Holding to the truths of Christianity, but wondering about how I am different from those Christians generations ago. How do you think you are different from your past forebearers? I will get notified when you post. So will try to respond quickly. God's Blessings to you, Connie

    • Thanks for your posts, ConnieSueHistory, Fri Jan 28 10:58
      [i]How do you think you are different from your past forebearers?[/i] Great question, CS. First, I am blessed to live in the USA during a time when diversity is respected and prrotected. Unlike my... more
    • How am I different ...OldCM, Thu Jan 20 19:08
      ... from my Mom and Dad? Well, for one, they were content with the Southern Baptist churches and stayed with it their entire lives -- until they got too feeble to attend church. The strange thing was ... more
      • Blessings upon you and....History, Fri Jan 28 11:08
        ...your father's Sunday School Teacher. One of the interesting things that you find in the Talmud is that is that when a sick person does have a visitor, a percentage of the illness is alleviated by... more
        • Thank you ...OldCM, Fri Jan 28 18:46
          ... for your blessings. I spent the early part of my working life caring for the sick in nursing homes and acute hospitals. I know how meaningful a kind word or a gentle touch is appreciated by those ... more
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