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Shalom, CM
Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:33

How wonderful to hear from you, and that you remember me from our old MSNBC board days...7 years ago!

I followed Ken to his R&E Board when MSNBC closed theirs and was very active here for a while. I created this little quiet hole-in-the-wall when I found Ken's Board a bit fractious and angry and very political. I wanted just a place for (repsectful) sharing of wisdom and constructive dialog on faith, service and religion. I knew it would not be very active--even by me. Most people seem to prefer to argue and be contentious. :)

I've spent much of the last 5 years on Muslim Boards--learning their views and beliefs and, when permitted, correcting their misunderstandings and misrepresentations concerning Judaism, Zionism, and Israel--real hot buttons for many of them, but some have been quite ecumenical and open-minded. I am even a Moderator at
-- who woulda thunk? :)

I even now occassionally comment on the new MSNBC forums, particulalry on Middle-Eastern world news.

I look forward to seeing your posts on Ken's Board, and I too wish you and yours much simchas and nachas (happines and joy).


  • Hello.OldCM, Thu Jan 20 19:03
    This appears to be History's board, so I'll say "Hi, History. How are you?" I don't know if you remember me from MSNBC's board, but I do remember you. Always admired you. I'm back on-line with DSL... more
    • Shalom, CM — History, Fri Jan 28 10:33
      • Peace be to you, too, History.OldCM, Fri Jan 28 18:44
        I think that is the translation of Shalom . Thank you for your good wishes. Consider them returned in kind. :)
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