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Blessings upon you and....
Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:08

...your father's Sunday School Teacher.

One of the interesting things that you find in the Talmud is that is that when a sick person does have a visitor, a percentage of the illness is alleviated by each person that comes to visit.

Caring for the sick is very important and is a mitzvah (commandment),the mitzvah bikkur cholim, of G-d from Scripture. Recall, for example, the story of Avraham who was visited, and cared for, by an angel after accepting G-d's commandment of circumcision.

Bikkur cholim is the act of caring for the sick and one of many acts of gemilut chasadim (loving kindness) that those who acknowledge the One G-d of Avraham are commanded to perform.


  • How am I different ...OldCM, Thu Jan 20 19:08
    ... from my Mom and Dad? Well, for one, they were content with the Southern Baptist churches and stayed with it their entire lives -- until they got too feeble to attend church. The strange thing was ... more
    • Blessings upon you and.... — History, Fri Jan 28 11:08
      • Thank you ...OldCM, Fri Jan 28 18:46
        ... for your blessings. I spent the early part of my working life caring for the sick in nursing homes and acute hospitals. I know how meaningful a kind word or a gentle touch is appreciated by those ... more
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