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Nostalgic enlightenment
Sat Nov 1, 2014 17:50

Thank you for sharing, Searcher.

Childhood is so vitally formative to a person's emotional well-being. There is an innocent simplicity we loose as we gain life experience. Each new wonder discovered as a child, in time, is explained (or the explanation accepted).
And the wonders that exist, and surround us every day, go unnoticed in the commonality of experience, become unappreciated and misperceived as banal. The material supersedes the spiritual as our attention is focused on school, career, marriage, family, retirement--all our material responsibilities.

It is in the quiet moments, like the nights of our later years, when much that was so important yet proved so ephemeral, has slipped away, that those childhood echoes of the simple wonder return and are such a blessing.

And how much more blessed are those who never lost the wonder at all.


  • Night prayers (corrected)Searcher, Wed Oct 15 19:14
    The praryers that we were taught as children come back to us as a sort of undercurrent - especially at night in bed - as we age and have health problems. It has nothing to do with our current... more
    • Nostalgic enlightenment — History, Sat Nov 1 17:50
      • It's a wonderContrarian, Fri Apr 7 00:09
        At my age that it is still a wonder. I never lost it. In spite of the vicissitudes of civilization's alure. So much materialism. My abode groans with stuff. Still it's kept in perspective as just... more
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