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No, AWARE, and LANCET NDE studies indicate
Fri Jan 29, 2016 20:12

there is life after death as have many other studies. Google atheist NDE and last words of atheists among others.

  • Ascended into heaven? Where is that?Free Dictionary, Sun Mar 15 14:33
    'Higher dimensions' defined Apparently this is the tacit default location. Right here and now. So, acceptance of this idea implies belief in higher dimensions. From this POV it is valid only if it... more
    • No, AWARE, and LANCET NDE studies indicate — jb, Fri Jan 29 20:12
      • The Bible says Contrarian, Fri Apr 7 00:23
        We sleep when we are dead. I see nothing indicating a NDE. Nor that NDE is heaven or hell. It seems reasonable to say we are as dead when we die as we were before we were conceived. In short, without ... more
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