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Compare/.Prove NDE/FDE/SDE/DBV
Fri Apr 1, 2016 11:25

Near Death Experiendes involve clinical death and in some case the “Soul” leaves the body and watches resuscitation efforts.The AWARE STUDY proved that at least one person saw and heard what was happening in the room. CONSCIOUISNESS/SOUL may go to Heaven and have a life review. Then it may be given a choice between staying or returning to the body. This has been explained as chemical processes during dying process.

HOWEVER Fear Death Experiences involve OBE and Life Review as in NDE and choices whether to stay in Heaven or return to earth may also be present. The key is OBE are present and very vivid in both cases BUT in FDE THERE IS NO DEATH so chemical reactions do not take place.

In Shared Death Experiences one person dies and the other does not die so again there are no chemical death reactions. But, there is OBE which may go nearly to Heaven. In Death Bed Visions there is no death nor is there OBE but the patient sees angels or friends or relatives who say they are coming to take the patient to Heaven. This is often written off as mere hallucinations but 50% of 10% who are awake during the last weeks or minutes before death show no symptoms of hallucinations nor are there any possible causes for them. Also, the visions are almost always similar to other DBV and hallucinations are each unique so that cannot explain DBV.

Each of these verifies the reality of each other, in effect proving each one and Heaven.

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