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It's a wonder
Fri Apr 7, 2017 00:09

At my age that it is still a wonder. I never lost it. In spite of the vicissitudes of civilization's alure. So much materialism. My abode groans with stuff. Still it's kept in perspective as just that....STUFF. I have been rescuing drowning earthworms for weeks on end. It came to me rather late in life just how precious is all life. What a pity this is not a value taught in the first years. These earthworms are so very valuable and support healthy soil. From the lowest to the most exalted of life forms, the simple truth is there is only LIFE. Nothing cannot possibly matter.

  • Nostalgic enlightenmentHistory, Sat Nov 1 17:50
    Thank you for sharing, Searcher. Childhood is so vitally formative to a person's emotional well-being. There is an innocent simplicity we loose as we gain life experience. Each new wonder discovered... more
    • It's a wonder — Contrarian, Fri Apr 7 00:09
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