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Harvey for sale
Sat Feb 10, 2007 7:42am (XFF:

I have a 21', 1971 Harvey Dory for sale in Boise, Idaho. It has twin 25hp Evinrudes, on a trailer set up for beach launching. It needs a little maintenance and repair, but I'm only asking $2200. 208/377-4253

  • Harvey DoryJack, Tue Jan 16 3:17pm
    Looking for a 20' Harvey in good to decent shape.Prefer w/trailer does anyone know about how much they are running for with or w/o motor.I'm having a tough time locating one .Please help!
    • DoryMickey, Mon May 4 12:34pm
      $5500. 19.5 feet from bottom to stern. 22 foot ftom tip of bow to stern. Marine Volvo- Inboard-outboard. mayny extras.
    • Harvey Dorymickey, Wed Feb 25 9:08pm
      I have one. White w/ dark blue trim. 110 volvo marine inboard -outboard. Includes outriggers, down riggers, fish hold, & plenty of extras. Im retired & too old to use it. Boat needs a good captain.... more
    • Harvey for sale — Herb, Sat Feb 10 7:42am
    • HarveyDave Williams, Fri Feb 9 8:02pm
      Just ran across this on craigslist. Could be interesting??
    • Re: Harvey DoryAnonymous, Sat Feb 3 12:05pm
      There is a Harvey Yukon(Vee bottom)with an I/O listed on Craigslist.It's somewhat large and extra heavy duty if that will work
      • Harvey Yukon ExpressSlugranch, Sun Feb 4 7:07am
        Looked on Craigs List Portland and Seattle didn't see it. What Date?
        • Re: Harvey Yukon ExpressAnonymous, Sun Feb 4 11:21am
          O K I just went back and it's posted last Thursday for $10500 and has fresh rebuilt motor as well
        • Re: Harvey Yukon ExpressAnonymous, Sun Feb 4 11:18am
          Sorry I didn't pay attention to the date but think it was either Tuesday or Wednesday and the pricec was around $10800. It also had a stainless steel trailer(probably worth $5000)
    • HarveyDave Williams, Thu Jan 18 4:25pm
      Check craigslist. there have been a number on that website and a few on Good luck!
    • Re: Harvey DoryAnonymous, Thu Jan 18 9:59am
      Run an advertisement in the Oregonian....
      • HarveySally, Fri Jan 19 5:28am
        I hear there is a guy in Vancouver who is having hip surgery and may never be able to use his Harvey again. Excellent condition I have seen him launching at Cannon Beach. Be patient he may have to... more
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