Re: Premium vs. Basic
Fri Sep 5, 2008 04:11 (XFF:

In addition to no ads, premium CalendarApps can specify different languages and character sets.

We're glad you like it!

  • Premium vs. BasicLdenny, Thu Sep 4 21:01
    Hello! I am wondering what exactly goes away once my Premium trial expires. I see there are ads with the basic service, but what about all my entries and wording that I put at the top of my calendar... more
    • Re: Premium vs. Basic — Support, Fri Sep 5 04:11
      • Thanks! My HTML code?LDenny, Fri Sep 5 06:49
        Thank you for such a quick reply! I was also wondering if the little bit of html code I put at the top of my calendar where you allow 1kb of text will go away or can only be used with the Premium... more
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