Re: Twitter
Thu Sep 2, 2010 08:23

I think you have to refill this because Twitter have changed their settings

  • TwitterJennie B, Thu Sep 2 08:13
    Can't connect my Twitter with my calendar 47956. It says We were unable to log in with your username and password. Please verify that your credentials are correct. But it's correct and has been... more
    • Re: Twitter — Jennie B, Thu Sep 2 08:23
      • Re: TwitterSean Brunnock, Thu Sep 2 12:01
        Yes, I do have to fix things on our end. I was hoping to have fixed this by now, but other issues keep coming up. I'll post an update here when it's fixed.
        • Isn't it fixed yet? (nm)Jennie B, Tue Oct 19 13:11
          • Not yetTamara, Tue Oct 19 15:23
            The problem is more involved than we thought. For now, you can manually post updates while we get the automatic updates to work again.
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