Re: Events CalendarApp.
Tue Jul 5, 2016 06:48

I could make it an option. I'll need some time.

  • Events CalendarApp.Ric de Rothschild, Mon Jul 4 18:46
    When using the Events Calendar App Widget, it it possible to display more than the standard 4 events. For example, could it be set to display upto 10 events.
    • Re: Events CalendarApp. — Support, Tue Jul 5 06:48
      • Follow Upricpdx2000, Tue Jul 5 14:16
        that would be great it would be nice in the admin panel for this if you could choose the number of entries to display say from 3 to 10. Could you message me when this option becomes available thank... more
        • Re: Follow Support, Wed Jul 6 11:27
          I made a change. To change the number of entries displayed, edit the URL for the widget and add a limit parameter. For example, if your widget uses the URL... more
          • thanksricpdx2000, Wed Jul 6 11:49
            thank you for being able to do this I really appreciate it.
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