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T&T vs Alianza Lima (18-May-2005).
Thu May 19, 2005 06:31

T&T in 1-0 loss to Alianza Lima.
By: Shaun Fuentes.

Oh well ! Another loss by a single goal, yet to another club. No progress made you think ? WRONG !
It would have been much easier to understand Trinidad and Tobago’s latest 1-0 loss to Club Alianza de Peru had it been televised live as the score was definitely not a true reflection of proceedings at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on Wednesday evening.
A ‘Warriors’ line up playing for the first time with several key players under head coach Leo Beenhakker and skipper Dwight Yorke produced a partly polished performance but not enough to finish with someshine ahead of the June 4 World Cup qualifier against Panama at the same venue. Missing from the 19-man team selected for the game were Gary Glasgow, Arnold Dwarika, Densill Theobald, Anthony Wolfe, Jan Michael Williams while Stern John was not considered.
A 41st minute soft goal by Johan Fano gave Lima the edge at Neil Brizan’s final whistle before some 2,000 fans with FIFA Vice President Jack Warner and Chris Birchall’s mother Jennifer sitting in the stands. Arriving in the country on Wednesday for business regarding his new T&T passport, she would have been quietly proud of her 20-year-old son who deserved kudos for his debut performance for T&T.
As early as the fifth minute, Birchall picked out Dwight down the right flank who hooked one inside searching for Kenwyne Jones and it was evident that T&T would pose problems for the Peruvians once they could keep the ball and play it purposely around the park. That was in fact what went on for the first half but the missing piece was the ball to create panic in the visitors box.
Seven minutes later, Yorke saw his effort go wide after Aurtis Whitley set the shot up for him. The Sydney FC signee also went for goal in the 26th minute with an acrobatic attempt from a right side across.
With Yorke starting up front with Jones, Birchall and Whitley in the middle and Carlos Edwards and Leslie Fizpatrick on the flanks, T&T looked compact going forward and never seemed troubled on the defensive with Dennis Lawrence, Avery John, Marlon Rojas and Atiba Charles at the back.
Close to the half hour it was Jones’ time to get into the action and he had a powerful header crash off the underneath of the cross bar on an offside play after Edwards crossed from the right. A minute later, Charles played one in behind the defense and as Jones collected and struck home before Brizan blew for a close offside call.
Up to that point, Lima had the odd try from long range but nothing was close enough to test Ince. But moments before the break, he was left shouting as a clearance fell to a Lima player and the ball came back in for Fano to rush in and nail on the first post.
Rojas lacked sharpness but he recovered well most times and John went in with some hammering tackles against the tougher built Lima players. Charles meantime played with usual bit of extra heart and Lawrence never gave up. Tiger was full of energy but on this occasion it still didn’t force the oppositions off and Whitley, though precise, never exploded to push the “Warriors” through to goal.
Beenhakker introduced Derek Phillips, David Nakhid and Cornell Glen in place of Whitley, Fitzpatrick and Jones on the start of the second half . T&T’s next opening didn’t come until the 67th minute when a lively looking Nakhid combined with Birchall before the newcomer’s shot was deflected out for a corner.
Nakhid took control in the middle with good vision and ball control but it wasn’t for long as he was taken to the turf a couple times, eventually having to leave the field, replaced by Brent Rahim. Hector Sam also replaced Yorke.
Glen saw his diving header go wide in the 72nd minute but there was little more in terms of goalmouth action for the homeside. Overall though, Beenhakker had some good points to think over before Wednesday’s friendly against El Salvador.

T&T line-up:

Clayton Ince, Dennis Lawrence (Anton Pierre 68th), Marlon Rojas, Avery John, Atiba Chrales, Leslie Fitzpatrick (Derek Phillips 46th), Carlos Edwards, Chris Birchall, Aurtis Whitley (David Nakhid 46th) (Brent Rahim 73rd), Kenwyne Jones (Cornell Glen 46th), Dwight Yorke (capt) (Hector Sam 73rd).

Subs not used:

Duarance Williams, Glenton Wolfe.
Promising Display says Leo.
By: Shaun Fuentes.

Trinidad and Tobago head coach Leo Beenhakker appeared to be a bit more satisfied man on Wednesday night, not based on the 1-0 loss to Alianza Lima but moreso because of a much more disciplined and resolute performance from his team than last week’s 2-0 defeat to North East Stars at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.
The Dutch-born coach expressed some degree of satisfaction with Wednesday’s showing during the post match press briefing.
“We let up a stupid goal but the first half was good-the second half not good,” Beenhakker said when asked to give his thoughts on the match.
“You have to understand, which is one of the main things we talked about and we were practicing that if you have good players, you still don’t have a good team. One of the problems you always have with a national team is that all the players are playing with different clubs and when you have them together that doesn’t mean that you automatically have a good team.
“Another thing is of course, again the reason why we didn’t play that well in the second half, was we had a lot of training sessions with two per day and we did a lot of work so it’s normal that some of the players were tired. Totally I’m satisfied. It was at least a good start and we saw some players that we didn’t know too well because we didn’t work with so I thought it was a very useful evening to prepare the team for the Panama game,” Beenhakker said, adding that he will not change much of the team for the El Salvador game next Wednesday but his approach will depend on the players available as the US-based quartet of Avery John, Leslie Fitzpatrick, Marlon Rojas and Cornell Glen all return to their clubs on Thursday.
“We worked on a system and we need time to make it better but in that way we have made important decisions and this is the way we will try to play. This depends of course of everyone is available and in good shape and if they understand each other well. That’s the main aim for the next two camps now.”
Beenhakker made it clear that he was not into the thinking of player selection based on their location of profession, when quizzed on it by a reporter.
“I am not talking about local players or players from overseas. I am talking about players who have a passport of Trinidad and Tobago. I am not obsessed with local or overseas players. I am just looking for the best players to make the best team and that’s the job. Then you have good organization on the pitch with everybody knowing what he has to do and what his position is. That’s the main part of football that we are working at which we showed a lot of in the first half. We didn’t give any chances away and we dominated the game in the first half.”
Andre Samuel Match Report.

I have proved to one and all that I am a true Warrior. No matter how hard I tried to tell myself that I was not going this game, I still found myself at the stadium at 6:20 pm. I looked around and I saw Densill Theobald and Stern John in red Polos (in a group of five) walking on the field so I became very interested in the starting line-up.
Beehakker decided to go with a 4-4-2 formation. He started with Ince in goal, Atiba Charles at right back, Rojas at left, and Avery John and Lawrence at the heart of the defence. In the middle we had Carlos on the right, Fitzpatrick on the left, and Whitley and Birchall in the middle, up front was Dwight and Jones ! Word to the snipers, the team from Peru was a good one; they played like a well oiled machine and showed great understanding of the where-abouts of each other !
Just as in the first game, the Warriors started well, we played the ball along the ground and there was a lot of movement by the players on the pitch. However, Whitley, the deeper of the two central midfielders, was guilty of not coming for the ball, and when he did, he didn’t play the ball forward. He apparently has some kind of relationship with Rojas because he seemed to be the only man that he passed the ball to ! (get a room guys). Dennis “shakeyman” Lawrence was his usual self, giving us the occasional heart stopping moment but coming up trumps when it mattered (even though he get a beat on the line that send the stadium crazy). He linked up fairly ok with Avery John who put in a fairly competent display ! It was painfully obvious that the back four was under strict instructions not to kick out the ball long and this looked nice at the start but after a while it became too predictable and the Peruvians made it extremely difficult for our midfield to get the ball. Chris “me mum” Birchall looks a competent player, he is strong on the ball and passed the ball well in the first half, but suffered from being closed down quickly by the Peruvians. He is a good crosser of the ball and does the basic things right !

The first half belonged to the Warriors, Kenwyne Jones get real strong, he's not tall and slim anymore, he's added on some serious muscle, and still looks good on the ball. He had a header against the cross bar in the first half following some neat work on the byline by Carlos Edwards. He also took the ball down neatly and put it in the back of the net but it was ruled offside. Everything was going well for the Warriors up until the 30 something minute, against the run of play the Peruvians scored. I didn’t see the build up to the goal since I was giving these four Peruvian supporters in front of me some talk ! I told them that in Trinidad we have a “whenever your team scores, u must buy drinks” custom but the way that the people around me started to laugh they kinda sell meh out !! Lol.

In spite of the goal, things still looked good for the Warriors. Captain Dwight Yorke of the Warrior (starship) enterprise was very inspirational up front and showed the kind of intensity required for such a game ! He played as a striker but tackled hard, called for the ball, and sometimes came deep to collect it. He even had time to show us that the bicycle kick is still in his arsenal. The only disappointments of the first half were the goal that we conceded and the play of Rojas. Fellas, this man is the WORST thing I've ever see in a long time ! He was the perfect all-round footballer, he cant trap, he cant pass, he cant run with the ball, he cant shoot and he cant tackle. What made things worst, was the fact that his pardna (Whitley) was only passing the ball to him. Fitzpatrick played in front of him on the left and even though it’s not his favorite position, he still put in a good shift while on the field !


The second started with three substitutes, Glen for Jones, Nakhid for Whitley and Derick Phillips for Fitzpatrick ! Glen was a non-factor in the game; he hardly saw the ball and had a break away on goal but over ran the ball and ended up on the ground ! The other two substitutes were the talk of the second half for opposing reasons.
Let’s start with Nakhid, who impressed all with his touch ! Fellas, we need Nakhid in this team. He might not be able to start, but the way that this man at 38 controlled the flow of play made many fans smile at the stadium. He took the ball from the back four, and shared possession with various players all the way up to the opposing box (just like the good old days). Apparently, we in the stands weren’t the only ones to be aware of Nakid’s influence. The Lima players have brains too, and they countered by launching operation “Kick down Nakhid”, which turned out to be a resounding success. It was so successful, that it led to the substitution of Nakhid in the 70th minute ! Brent “ah shave off meh hair for attention” Rahim came on for Nakhid along with Hector Sam who replaced the tireless Yorke up front. Sam showed some neat touches up front and should be favorite to pip Glen for that position on the bench. Anton “ah go tell meh mammy dat yuh drop meh” Pierre belatedly came on and didn’t do anything to justify the tears that were shed for his exclusion. Rahim tried to get things going but he was closed down very quickly every time he got the ball. The match was then fizzling out into a nothing affair, so the players decided to fight each other to get back the crowd’s interest. A little incident involving Carlos Edwards resulted in him being shoved and before you knew it, it was samurai showdown eleven vs. eleven !! The referee eventually broke things up but the match became a Wildman tackling affair after that!
Now it’s on to Derick “my daddy is the Tech Director” Phillips !!

To put a long story short and to make it easy to understand, we shall examine the play of Rojas. Imagine a player having the all-round ability that I described above, and now imagine that same player having a bad game. The answer, Derick Phillips !! I have derived a simple formula to help u guys remember it easily.


I aint sure that he could even make a local PFL team. No offence to Lincoln, but oh gard ! He lost the ball with every touch and passed the ball like ah confused child. The good news is he can’t get worse than that !


No Theobald, No Dwarika, No Thomas…..things are getting interesting.


Clayton INCE:
8 – Competent display, didn’t have a save to make. Sure starter.

7.5 – Showed great grit and determination at the back, finally won some headers. Looks a starter.

Avery JOHN:
7.5 – Was not as competent as Lawrence in the air, but was quick across the field and tackled hard but well. Selection headache.

7 – Very competent display, handled himself well and looked good going forward. Looks a starter.

Marlon ROJAS:
3 – I will be very amazed if I see this man on a national team again ! Bye bye.

7 – The Tiger linked well with Yorke and Birchall, had a couple of good crosses in the box. Looks a starter.

7.5 – Started off very well, and passed the ball nicely, but started to tire in the second half. He booked his spot on the team. Selection headache.

5 – Hid from the ball too much, and passed the ball to one player mostly. It he might have just lost his place on the team after today’s performance. Not sure ??

7 – Didn’t blaze the flank as much as I wanted but he did well enough to show that the ability is still there ! Sure starter.

Dwight YORKE:
8.5 – This man is starting to blossom as captain of the team, and is leading by example on the pitch. Whether he does that off the field too is another question. Sure starter.

Kenwyne JONES:
7.5 – Caused a lot of problems in the air. His strength has increased significantly. Very difficult to mark. Looks a starter.


8.5 – He definitely will not be able to give us 90 minutes but the 30 minutes that he can offer will without doubt be welcome. Must play some part !!

Cornell GLEN:
6 – Has fallen away since the USA game, looks very short on confidence. He might have just lost his place to Hector. Not sure ??

Hector SAM:
7 – Was very nippy for the little time he had on the pitch. Has very quick feet. Nice asset to have on the bench ! Selection headache.

Brent RAHIM:
5.5 – Tried very hard to pick up where Nakhid left off but was bundled out of the game. He deserves a second chance !

5 – Looked very awkward playing the ball short. Bye bye !

1.5 – Thanks for showing up, but we’ll manage !!

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