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T&T vs Bermuda (27-May-2005).
Sun May 29, 2005 09:16

T&T sweep Bermudan series.
T&T Express Reports.

Trinidad and Tobago produced a less fluent display than their showing in midweek, but were still good enough to come away 1-0 winners over Bermuda on Friday night at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium, Marabella, to sweep the two-match friendly series between the teams.
T&T's Dutch coach Leo Beenhakker named an almost totally different line-up from the one that swept aside the Bermudans 4-0 in Port of Spain on Wednesday, except for the inclusion of out-of-form strike pair Stern John and Gary Glasgow.
Getting a rare start were Hector Sam, Brent Rahim, Glasgow, and Glenton and Anthony Wolfe, while the UK-based trio of Ian Cox, Marvin Andrews and Brent Sancho played their first game under Beenhakker.
When it became apparent that the second unit was not making the necessary impact, Beenhakker made a three-player change at the start of the second half, bringing in Keywyne Jones, Christopher Birchall and Dennis Lawrence , while also giving Anton Pierre a run ten minutes later.
The effect was a better showing than in the first half when the Warriors failed to re-discover Wednesday's dominant performance and allowed the Bermudans an almost equal share of the game.
Separating the teams was a 17th minute goal from experienced striker Stern John, who showed a touch of the old sparkle when clinically tucking away a grounder from Bermudan keeper Nigel Burgess, after a well-worked move which saw left side defender Glenton Wolfe, Sam and Glasgow touching the ball before rolling it wide for John to finish on the right flank.
But despite that piece of vintage finishing, the Coventry City striker once again struggled to find the back of the net with regularity and missed several chances in front of goal.
It was almost heart-breaking to see the once so prolific John trying hard, but faltering badly to find his stride. Not just the goals have dried up, but the touches as well.
Yet, Beenhakker seemed intent on giving his key striker maximum time to come into some form by playing him in both matches when many of T&T's fickle fans were calling for the former Birmingham City player to be given the axe.
John was not the only one looking out of sorts, though. Sam's control seems to have deserted him, until settling later in the match, while Glasgow still has not recaptured his form since breaking his foot for a second time last year.
Glasgow Rangers defender Marvin Andrews also made two amateurish mistakes, twice allowing the ball to drop and almost putting his team and Dundee United goalkeeper Kelvin Jack in jeopardy.
The uncertainty in the Trinidad and Tobago squad gave Bermuda a confidence which they weren't allowed on Wednesday and just ten minutes on they created the first moment of terror when big Jack had to drop low to turn around a hard shot from outside the penalty area.
Trinidad and Tobago responded almost immediately with Glasgow hitting Sam's pass straight at keeper Burgess and then in quick succession Stern struck Rahim's good pass at the custodian and then drove a powerful shot wide.
Eventually, the frustrated striker got it right with his low shot to the far post just past the quarter-hour mark. However, on the stroke of half-time, he almost repeated a similarly glaring miss as in Wednesday's match when meeting a right side cross from Rahim in the six-yard box and turning his shot over the bar.
Beenhakker 's second half changes brought about some improvement, as Birchall, Pierre, Edwards and Jones began combining well with Densill Theobald, who was quietly pulling the strings in midfield.
But more goals never came and the Bermudans themselves almost got a deserved equaliser when Andrews' faux pas allowed striker Rohaan Simmons to run onto a dropping ball. Luckily, keeper Jack was alert to the danger and stopped the Bermudan in his tracks.

T&T Line-Up:
Kelvin Jack, Brent Sancho, Marvin Andrews (capt), Ian Cox, Glenton Wolfe; Hector Sam, Densill Theobald, Anthony Wolfe, Brent Rahim; Stern John, Gary Glasgow.
Up-Close with, Andre Samuel.

On to de game. Beenhakker say that he was going to give everyone a try so when I see Carlos, Lawrence, and Birchall on de bench ah realize that he true to his word. Jack was in goal, Andrews and Cox in de middle, Sancho on de right and #13 (Glenton) on de left (ah didn’t see Shaun for ah team list). Theobald and Anthony Wolfe in de centre of midfield with Hector on de right and Rahim on de left flank. Up front were Stern and Glasgow.

More of de same at the start. No long ball at all, De Warriors dominated possession, and within the first five minutes, I got my chance to whole my head and bawl out “Oh gard Stern” …......yes fellas miss number one! But being the staunch Stern fan that I am, I continued to cheer him on (much to de amazement of Touches, Cowen, and Patriot). Sancho fit in well, Cox looked a bit slow, but it didn’t cost us because the Bermudian forwards were even slower. The #13 (Glenton Wolfe) was nervous on de ball but linked well at times with Sam. Andrews didn’t look comfortable with the ball at his feet which made me comment to Touches that he shouldn’t be surprised if the he was on de bench against Panama. Theobald was the player of the game for me, him and Aurtis Whitley are fighting for that spot in front of the defense, and if I had to choose, I would give it to Theobald. His passing rate was about 95% successful and didn’t do anything spectacular. He just played the ball to the open man and ran into space to receive. Rahim wasn’t too bad on de left, he showed some good footwork and had a few crosses in. He showed me however that his left foot can only be used for balancing. Time and time again the Bermudian left back gave him de left side tuh run down but every time he would just fake and cut back on he right foot!

Ah have a bias towards Hector Sam. I strongly believe that he is a great talent, and as I had posted in my last match report, I expect him to pip Glen for that striking spot on de bench! He is the nippy-est of our strikers and has the confidence that Glen seemed to have lost with respect to taking on defenders! He real beat man last night but oh lard, cross de ball with yuh left foot nah!! (he and Rahim should join de new support group LEFT FOOT ANONYMOUS……………….“my name is Hector Sam, and… I…I…I have no left foot”) lol.

The first goal (well ah mean only goal) was a nice one, four one touch passes and a cool finish by Stern John, yes Stern John.

Stern was de main culprit on Wednesday, and apparently Glasgow is ah quick learner and he emulated Stern today. His shooting wasn’t wild and errant, but rather straight to de goalkeeper. Build up after build up, was met with the same “straight at keeper”shooting by Glasgow……..I think he should be our goalkeeping coach!!

The match played out into a nothing affair in the second half as de 8,000 plus people in de Mannie Ramjohn Stadium entertained themselves by scrambling for the free nuts since Mr “allyuh buy nuts from meh nah” was to paid $1,000 to give way all he nuts! I was “lucky” enough to have 2 packs thrown straight at me, Patriot and Touches got in de mix and at the end of the day, we were all chewing nuts!

For de first time ah see Beenhakker stand up during ah game and before long, Birchall, Edwards, and Lawrence were on de pitch! The standard of play was lifted but we still was not able to score any more goals.

Bermuda have ah # 7 that “tun we up” whole night, he was quick and was head and shoulders above the rest of the Bermudian X1. (ah wonder if he have Trini family….lol)

Based on what I have seen so far, here is what I think our best line up will be on de 4th!

Ince in goal.

Right back: Atiba charles
Central: Dennis Lawrence
Central: Avery John
Left back: Brent Sancho

Left link: Fitzpatrick
Defensive Mid: Theobald/Whitley… real close
Offensive Mid: Birchill
Right link: Carlos Edwards

Forward: Yorke
Forward: Stern John

Bench: Jones, Sam, Andrews, Theobald/Whitley, Jack, Rahim, Glenton.

Questionable choices.

Stern have tuh start, the fact remains, even though he is missing chances, he is finding spaces to create them!! I believe he can work on it and find his form and start putting them away! However, I hope beenhakker has the testicular fortitude to sub him during the game if necessary!

Andrews make two mistakes today that would have cost us against Panama, although I think he will be able to handle the swift moving Panamanian attackers, I ent sure bout how well he would be able to play that passing game that Beenhakker like! Besides, Avery and Lawrence looked very competent against the Peruvian club and played the ball well at their feet!

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