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T&T vs Panama (10-Jul-2005).
Mon Jul 11, 2005 08:23

Cornell Glen earns T&T late point.
By: Shaun Fuentes.

“That’s what I like guys….. that’s what I like to see from my team.”
Those were the words of Leo Beenhakker in the Trinidad and Tobago dressing room following its last gasp 2-2 draw with Panama in the CONCACAF 2005 Gold Cup match at the Orange Bowl Stadium, Miami.
Beenhakker was of course not summing up his feelings on T&T’s overall performance on the evening, but rather commenting on the team’s late show of fight to earn a point after falling behind to a late Panama strike at a time when it appeared that it would be the match winner.
T&T after once again going ahead in the first time with a well taken goal, this time from Glasgow Rangers defender Marvin Andrews in the 17th minute, allowed their opponents back into the game because of some lethargic play, particularly in the second half.
T&T surged ahead when a left side cross fell deep to Dennis Lawrence on the far post and he calmly laid it back in for Andrews to volley home from close range. Before that, skipper Stern John, under more pressure, missed a chance from a similar play.
But Luis Tejada leveled the scores 24th minute after a cross was terribly dealt with by Cyd Gray who tried to clear a low ball with his head rather than foot, allowing the ball to reach Tejeda who got it past a stranded Kelvin Jack. Then with the clock running down, a downtown clearance beat Andrews and Tejeda ran around to hit home off the inside of the right post past an advancing and once again hapless Jack. Moments before Andrews' header crashed off the inside of the right post, bubbling on the line before being cleared to safety.
But substitute Cornell Glen, specifically used as a substitute in the dregs, delivered in that role by executing a wicked header from an Angus Eve cross to tie the game in the second minute of added on time.
T&T made two changes to the team from the 1-1 draw with Honduras, with Angus Eve coming in for Aurtis Whitley who was forced off the 18-man squad with an ankle injury sustained in training on Saturday, while Collin Samuel got the nod over Brent Rahim and Silvio Spann over Whitley in the start team.
“It was a great way for us to end the match but it was not much of an impressive performance,” Beenhakker told TTFF Media. “In the end we came up big but we started off well and once again we did not keep it up and that’s a concern. But we will take what we can out of this match and now move on to the other game on Tuesday.
Quizzed by reporters in the post-match press conference on the strength of his current team, Beenhakker did talk about the absence of Dwight Yorke and injured Carlos Edwards.
“No obviously we are not up to full strength. We don’t have Dwight Yorke and Carlos Edwards. But we have a roster and we will work with it and used what we have for the game on Tuesday.”
Up-Close With Flex.

Well, a defensive error cost us, however T&T did look a bit better than the game versus Honduras. We looked more like a team today, even though Panama didn’t bring the game to us like Honduras did, but in the end Panama had more procession and had more attacks. T&T was left back-peddling on many occasions, I believe we had four weak links in different departments, like defense was Gray, midfield was Theobald and Birchall and up-front well, you know the guy, captain T&T. I wouldn’t complain to much about the team, as they are an improved one and I know Beenhakker is still trying to put pieces of the puzzle together. His selection was better, because you never know how a player would perform until the actual game.

In a nut shell:

Kelvin JACK - Looked good as a shot blocker, but poor on crosses, stays on his line when he needs to run out. A perfect example was the second goal Panama scored on us Jack took to long to advance after Tejada made the break through, poor free kick saver and does not command his box enough, a lot of miscommunication, I hope he isn’t another one hit wonder.

Marvin ANDREWS: Andrews was more involved in T&T attack in this game, he showed captain qualities, scored a great goal, almost score a better goal with a powerful header.

Dennis LAWRENCE: Had an assist for Andrews opener, Made some important tackles and did his job well at the back. Saved us many times, another player who seems capable of being captain.

Cyd GRAY: Had two games, now time to go. A mistake waiting to happen, made some rash tackles, caused the first goal because of his poor clearance, he was under pressure and the ball was ankle height, instead of clearing the ball he decided to try and head it to Jack, Panama took control and that was it, goal. Maybe right wing might suit Gray much better. Bring back Atiba.

Avery JOHN: Played it simple and did what he had to do, I like his aggression especially against Spanish teams because of their speed. If Avery could learn to be more composed we should be ok on the left.

Densill THEOBALD: Well, we try him on the left, now the right and nothing seems to be working in his favor, he did make one or two decent pass from the center though, but I think its time we either play him center or just no game. Bring back Eve if Edwards is out.

Silvio SPANN: Showed why he was the first Caribbean player to ever sign with an Italian club. Played excellent, made important tackles, took shoots, looked great with free kicks and most of all his passing was on-par, clinical and intelligent. He worked like Nakhid bringing the ball out of defense most of the times, my player of the game. His free kick caused confusion in Panama box, Lawrence takes it from a defender, hits it in for Andrews and Andrews made no mistake and, with his foot to booth.

Christopher BIRCHALL: Chris contributed absolutely zero today. I didn’t mind to much because he has been having a decent game, but something was wrong tonight, I expect a better showing against Colombia who will be coming out to salvage some pride. Birchall did make some silly mistakes one which almost cost us a goal.

Collin SAMUEL: The best we have on the left for now, played decent, looked great especially going forward. At times he kept the ball to long though, he should just play it simple and use the dribbling when needed, but not a bad option, did good on his crosses and if Stern John was a better forward, we would have scored in the first 2 minutes of the game when Samuel cross found John in the box only for him to belly-trap it into the keeper hands.

Jason SCOTLAND: Again, he did great with lay-offs and tackling, he made his contribution, seemed to be playing under Stern John more in midfield at times. Jason looked just an average player and for a person who poses a powerful shot should utilize it a little more, I was still surprise to know why he was subbed instead of Stern John.

Stern JOHN: All I can say is, if Stern John can make T&T present team and, be captain then Jones or Glen should be playing for Brazil. There’s nothing wrong with a striker who drops his form, as many players go through that dry period in his career one time or the other, but when you’re not scoring at least help in other areas. Stern John just isn’t contributing anything to the team, from a tackle to a shot. As for his Stern-Turn, it should be Stern-Fall, I tallied how many times Stern John fell down after the first 15 minutes or so and I came up with 8, it could be more ? at one time he didn’t even get the ball and he fell down. In Stern defense, he’s probably trying to hard and that puts a lot of pressure on you, he was at times the lone striker up-front. I think he should do himself a favor and give up the captain and ask to be relegated to the bench because he’s burning his reputation. He did have a nice header saved, but we need Stern to focus on his goal scoring ability this is why I say give up the captain and just focus on putting the goals away, he has been great for T&T in the past and I wish to see the old Stern John come back.

Kenwyne JONES: Played a lot better this time, had a break away and beat 2 maybe 3 player in the event, should have took the shot, I think he made a bad pass or was blocked in the end, but overall, he didn’t look to bad.

Angus EVE: Looked a bit rusty, took a while to settle in, but did make the assist for the equalizer so all credit is due, should replace Theobald on that right wing if Carlos it still injured, his experience will help the team.

Cornell GLEN: I saved the best for last, came on and was an instant hit, had a shot blocked in the first minute, then scored a brilliant header, jumped like Michael Jordan and placed the ball into the far left of the keeper. I hope Beenhakker took note of that clinical finish and give Glen a much more needed run.

Certain things we need to work on like, our team doesn't know how to protect a lead, second time in successive games we game up the lead, their level of concentration through-out the entire 90, utilize our strength, individual man marking in all areas, we give up easy goals and, our fitness. Good luck T&T, all is not done and I do hope we beat Colombia and go through to the next rounds, we need more games to really gel as a unit before our all important World Cup qualifying games start back. What's left for T&T, well the third set of Group A matches are scheduled for Tuesday. Colombia and Trinidad and Tobago will play the opening match, followed by Panama and Honduras. Games in Miami were delayed a day because of the impact of Hurricane Dennis.

Final Score:
T&T 2 vs Panama 2.

Team Line-Ups:

21-Kelvin Jack, 24-Cyd Gray, 3-Avery John, 4-Marvin Andrews, 6-Dennis Lawrence, 7-Christopher Birchall, 10-Jason Scotland (15-Kenwyne Jones 69th), 18-Densill Theobald (8-Angus Eve 69th), 19-Silvio Spann, 20-Colin Samuel (13-Cornell Glen 83rd), 14-Stern John (capt).

Dennis Lawrence 21st, Christopher Birchall 48th, Marvin Andrews 61st.

PAN: 1-Jaime Penedo – 2-Carlos Rivera, 3-Luis Moreno, 4-Jose Anthony Torres, 5-Felipe Baloy, 20-Engin Mitre, 6-Gabriel Gomez (8-Alberto Blanco 46th), 9-Julio Cesar Dely Valdes (11-Roberto Brown 74th), 10-Julio Medina III, 15-Ricardo Phillips (19-Gustavo Avila 88th), 18-Luis Tejada.

Felipe Baloy 27th, Engin Mitre 35th.

Total Shots/Headers:
Stern John (2), Silvio Spann (4), Cyd Gray (1), Christopher Birchall (2), Cornell Glen (2), Marvin Andrews (2), Total = 13.

Free Kicks:
14 (TRI), 15 (PAN).

2 (TRI), 4 (PAN).

Panama Shot/Headers:

T&T Goal Scorers:
Marvin Andrews 16th, Cornell Glen 92nd.

Panama Goal Scorer:
Luis Tejada 22nd, 91st.

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