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Jabloteh vs Chicago Fire (17-Mar-2004) 2
Thu Mar 18, 2004 11:30

A report from SW Online member, Trini.

All I can say is " W O W " ! ! ! ! !

This is the best I have seen any T&T team play in about 4 years, the last being the 7-0 rout of Panama. I missed the 4-0 demolition of Canada that year.

Fellas, I know VB and TT was there, I was suppose to link them, but I leave work real real late, only reach in there 10 mins before kickoff.
First things first, the game was advertised as having free gifts for patrons, well this was a first indeed for me, we got a free pack of nuts and a fruta! I was so happy. You could see the effort that goes into the Jabloteh games in organizing and PR. There were stations downstairs selling Jab merchandise, and people were very interested. We even got forms as we entered with the option to buy season tickets for Jab games in the new PFL season coming up, all for just $200 TT. That is remarkable! They also had a part on it where you could pay a $200 to join Jabloteh on a celebratory cruise on the Treasure Queen (pier 1, I think), for an all inclusive party lime. This is a really nice idea.
The only thing is that we had to wait to flicking half time to get a pie man! But nuff stag and beef pie get slaughter.
They had some sweet woman, in some kinda outfit that had me distracted for some periods, lard, I done get me $20 worth before a ball kick!
Bunji perform half time and had a nice lill 10 mis, he freestyle and shit up “small fire-small HOSE” Chicago, this yute have some good talent, he just start singing and chanting about the moko-jumbies in front him and thing, real nice.
VB, me aint know where you learn to count boy or estimate, but there were at least 4000 people in the stadium…The capacity is 24,000. It was at least one fifth full. I make sure and real check that. Where u was? Grounds? I was in stands…Not too often you pay $20 and get grounds. That was a good deal. The management of Jab really smart, better charge a lill 20 and get in a 3-4000, than a $50 and get 500…The state TT football in right now, we need to win back the masses for each and every game.

The actual game itself….

I was a lill worried at first seeing that Jab were in off season and had Barbados beat them. Fire was MLS champs and were preparing couple months strong now, touring Europe, live camp in Fl, scrimmage with US nationals etc etc. But from the first whistle, Jab came out and meant business.
First goal…early on, a long ball from the left midfield found Glenn running and tracking it. 2 Fire defenders were tracking him too, one on the goal side and one on the safe side..then all of a sudden in one crisp movement, Glenn control the bouncing ball with a deft backheel to himself and left them 2 men for dead. Supreme skill in that move, before he even got his shot off, the crowd bawl. Well with a move like that, he end up one on one with the keeper and made no mistake.

Second goal---long ball to the Fire defense, the defender was chasing and Glenn was pressuring, defender made a mistake in controlling and Glenn outhustled him, won the ball , and one on one again, made no mistake.

Third goal..WOW! a man on the left midfield fake a big cross with his right foot, had the fire defender committed to lunging to block the incoming cross, but instead hit the man a wicked inside right spanner, cut inside, left him for dead, took it into the box, shifted to go to the byline, even I was shake here, but laid it back to the top of the box on the left corner where Glenn rifled it right footer, came of the inside left upright into the net. Classic goal, cause the ball ride him and he had to snatch the shot, kinka hook it from behind him, plus the skilfull build up play before.

Fire goal…They missed one good chance before when Ralph volleyed over from the 6 yard line clear on goal, but a man make a run down the right wing and whip in a hopeful cross under pressure and elcock went for a diving header clearance ..Totally mistimed it and it trickle off the wrong side of his head, if he was a forward, woulda be a total classic.

The half eneded with some fireworks, as Jab missed 2 more decent chances, real skilful play and dribbling had the Fire keeper diving to keep out shots that were destined for the V’s. Jabloteh really brought the house down when they won a corner from one of these saves on the left wing. 2 men went for it short, the first man roll it out the corner circle to the second man. After he roll this out, he do the usual and run behind the second man to provide the option for a second pass further away from the byline. As he make this run, the Jab man who initially collected the roll off from the corner, turned his body like if he was really going to pass it to the man who take the corner to him, who was now to his right. But he actually make the pass with the side of his right foot, and allyuh skills men know how we grow up playing like we making this pass only to let yuh foot ride over the ball while it moving and pull it back, to shake men into believeing yuh passing it to them. Well he do exactly that, and the fire defender who went to defend the short corner was left chasing a ghost pass, the crowd gone mad again, the Jab player, after pulling the ball back, simply turned skillfully to the byline, skipped past another defender who was coming over for cover and simply walked along the byline and whipped in the cross. Somehow it went wide or saved oe something, but I think everybody was bawling too much to care;
Half time---3-1

Second half, Fire came out first 5-10 mins looking like they wanted to play some ball, but really made no real impact or threat. Jab slowly got back into full control and went in search of more.

4th goal…Kerry Noray started his second half of impressive play, a long ball played to the right wing where tormentor Glenn was rushing. He took 2 defenders just like the first goal. As he ran outside to collect and 2 defenders tracked, a void was created in the middle, Noray rushed into this space. Glenn then put down a piece of move they and backheel and control just like the first goal, but this time it wasn’t to himself, but to the open space with onrushing Noray. One on one, no need to say what happen.

5th goal fine individual dribbling by noray on the left wing where he left 2 defenders in his wake, cut back to the inside and rifled past the keeper.

In the 88 min, Fire finally out the ball in the net for themselves, a kinda 50-50 challenge on the left outside the box resulted in the ball bubbling to an unmarkend man on the edge of the box, easy goal, but really soft the way it reached him.

There was a period in the second half where just after the score became 5-1, Jabloteh went on a 10 mins of embarrassing the fire defenders and entertaining the crowd. VB and TT will back me up on this, long time I aint see that kinda embarrassment so. I could remember the Fire left back, the man apparently have a couple deft touches and hit some of we men some shake in the middle, and like they single him out for revenge. A man run into him, crossover a few times, had him sprawling for balance, then he just hit the man a inside right foot spanner through his legs…I nearly get heart attack. Somehow the defense managed to block the resulting shot from inside the area. Couple mins later, again cyah remember who it was, but one man and 3 Fire defenders…if allyuh see shake, man jus body fainting and have defenders falling all over the place and chasing shadows in worng directions to where the ball was. Then came the ultimate embarrasement. Again a short corner, man play it short to a next man, and like the defenders remembered the one from the first half and went in lethargic. Eh heh! Who say do that. The jab man square off against him one on one, ball at his right foot. He then shift his body left like if he was going to play it back to the man who had taken the corner and run to the outside now, but instead of playing it with the outside of his right foot as the defender expected, the man just simply scooped the ball with his outside right foot and cap him good and proper. I nearly faint now after the near heart attacks before. Yuh just don’t do these kinda thing in these level games, not even Zidane does try them kinda cap/boomerang or whatever yuh call it. I know that beat well, I try it in nuff school game, came off half the time, but it hard and is a real dread and embarrassement to the defender. I see Diouf do Jloyd Samuel it the odda day too..BUT WOW! Incredible is the only word I could use to describe Jabloteh play.
As I said before, is a long time I aint see a Trini team play so attractive. The score coulda be 8 easily, but u know we must throw away some, it wont be TT if not. We conceded 2 soft goals, I aint like the second, could be important. But after seeing that display last nite, I cant see Fire beating Jabloteh, no way! The only thing that could beat us is the weather, seeing that is a full local team. They were simply a class above Fire. Fire had their touches, you could see their professionalism and discipline and some class, definitely one of the best teams Jab ever play, but they were in rampant form. Irrestible!
It wasn’t the scoreline so much that had me so impresses, it was the manner of destruction and dismantling of the MLS champs. One on one, their players were outclassed, outdribbled, outpaced and outfoxed by Jabloteh. Jab played as a team, every man support each other like is life and death, some real nice chemistry and crisp passing. Fellas, all we need is to put this team to play for the national team, no probs!
The fitness was so impressive I was worried they wouldn’t be able to keep up the intensity, but they did, and it was the foundation for the good play throughout. They ran fats and hard at every angle at Fire. The individual technique was also extremely impressive, I see men bring down and control some seemingly impossible balls, good passing and off ball running. In summarizing, we outclass Chicage Fire easily, in each and every department.
If I was a fire defender, I would be having nightmares still.
If we use a 10 scale rating, Jab would get 9 in this game, the only reason they aint get 10 is that they coulda score 3 more and the last 10 mins they kinda just fall asleep, and let Fire pull back one flukesy goal when they shoulda go for a 6th!
It was this game people that reminded me of the potential of our T&T players and why the hell we don’t prepare and play like this vs the rest of CONCACAF.

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