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T&T vs Haiti (03-Feb-2005).
Fri Feb 4, 2005 09:07

Home team repeat victory over Haiti.
By: Gregory Trujillo - T&T Guardian.

Coach Bertille St Clair was left smiling after T&T’s dress rehearsal yesterday against Haiti at Hasely Crawford Stadium.
After confirmation that Dwight Yorke will be returning to the team for the important first match in the World Cup qualification against the United States on Wednesday, coach St Clair’s team gave an improved performance, scoring a 2-1 win to finish unbeaten in the two-match warm-up series against the Haitians.
T&T won the first match 1-0 on Tuesday at Queen’s Park Oval.
Stern John and Cornell Glen netted the goals for T&T and Turlien Romulus scored for Haiti.
John opened the scoring in the 21st minute when he was served a well-directed free-kick by captain Angus Eve. The Coventry City player guided the ball low into the right corner of the net, away from goalkeeper Luidgi Beauzile.
Eliphene Cadet missed an opportunity to equalise for the Haitians from an inside-left position in the 39th minute, putting the ball wide.
Goalie Shaka Hislop, who replaced Clayton Ince, must be given full credit for narrowing the angle extensively, making it more difficult for Cadet.
Four minutes later, the “Soca Warriors” increased the lead through Glen.
A long ball from Hislop caught two Haitian defenders going for the same ball which found John, who played it diagonally to Leslie “Tiger” Fitzpatrick.
In making the third of successive accurate passes, Fitzpatrick squared the ball for Glen on the blind side for him to score easily on the far post.
Haiti wasted no time in getting back into the match by netting two minutes after the restart, Romulus drawing Hislop out of the goal and sliding the ball beneath the ‘keeper.
David Nakhid, who initially is here as an assistant coach to St Clair, was introduced into midfield to replace Anthony Rougier and stabilised the midfield, making some searching passes, giving an indication that he will be adding some experience to the team together with Yorke against the Americans in five days’ time.

T&T Line-Up:
Shaka Hislop, David Charles, Anton Pierre, Keyeno Thomas, Avery John (Nigel Pierre 79th), Leslie Fitzpatrick, Angus Eve (capt), Anthony Rougier (David Nakhid 46th), Cyd Gray (Denzil Theobald 65th), Stern John, Cornell Glen (Scott Sealy 79th).
Up-Close With: Touches.

Gents, For the few fans that came out T&T played 100% better than on Tuesdays match. I was very surprised and I feeling a little better now. However the long ball hit and hope Hoof ball to Stern has to stop.

When we compose ourselves and roll it on the ground we playing good. We have to stop relying on a particular player, and start knocking the ball around more and creating space, also shooting chances were limited as men passing responsibility. I am not a fan of the cross ball, the Yanks have mastered it and we have to start shooting from outside.

Ince was extremely impressive on Tuesday and save us from lick but Yesterday I saw why Shaka is in the Premiership.

Shaka "S" is for superman......He get a bullet from less than 8 yards and not only dive but pluck it out of the air catch it drop on the ground and watch the Haitian and steups. Perfect textbook save. It was an amazing save that most keepers could only parry. He also adds plenty composure to the back and they have confidence in him, he communicates well coaching and giving instructions and no set of cuss and thing always encouraging players. Only weakness is he little slow off his line......Ince is faster.

I feel Bertille have a selection Problem. Who getting drop?

Yorke once he here sweating.

Nahkid is pure class. Fellas.........he is the fittest on the field, he have a extra burst of speed in the opening 10 meters of a sprint and he is the only man who can shield, turn, create space and pass the ball effectively.

Leslie Tiger have some work to do on passes but his work rate and tackling is the best on the field he mashes up play real good.

Theobald real handling it and he made a difference, he have speed and is quite nippy.

Rougier is also a must, so the middle have plenty selection worries.

I think under all kicks is we should drop Stern John to the bench...............yes he score last night, but it was a routine header, apart from that the man did nothing but lose the ball and walk around like a star boy holding he waist. When he get the ball is a miss-trap and nothing.

Forward at concacaf level is no trap and to get ball and run at defenders with speed. Something Cornell good at.

I say start Glenn and Kenwyne Jones.. He’s currently on fire now.

Other than that T&T need to wake up in the opening and closing stages of games. Haiti hit us early at the 1/2. We need to work on concentration.

The defence is the best performer right now on the field........NOTHING PASSING Thomas, Charles, Avery or Pierre. When I tell you Pierre, Thomas and Charles putting in foot body and tackle to protect the goal. Pierre collect a flush bullet to chest and like a true soldier he falling down and crouching in pain but still alert and attempting to protect the goal. He collapse after the ball went out of play but he get clap for the effort shown.

Andrews should come in for Charles but I like Atiba, he fast and have BEAT plus he can pass the ball. Sancho right now is a non factor in the back....bench for he, the locals playing better and have a good chemistry and understanding.

I doe agree with poster triniwings.....Avery John is a must have, he’s definitely better than Rojas in all depts. Plus he playing against his teammates,.

All in all I feel we now have a shot at a 1-0 or a draw. I will be sorry for all the locals who will get drop cause of the ... with the coach and the foreigners. We ent need Edwards, we ent need Yorke, but Nahkid is a MUST.
Drop Eve and drop Stern to the bench.

Positives, we looking more composed, defence wukking, crosses on wings get better and we reading plays good. Good pool of players........everyone performing except Stern, Eve and Sancho.

Negatives, still playing too slow and predictable. We have no counter attack to speak of as the forwards only holding the ball and kill the play. Concentration lacking at times and we still making errant passes and giving away the ball with no pressure.

Other than that expect a good game on WED I know they will give the yanks a run for they money and we will surprise people.

Oh last thing........the bandwaggonists/tourists start to watch ball now. I was sitting near some patrons who ent know nobody on the field, who we players are etc. SO I ask him if he fly in he say no he just get interested as we playing USA but due to the level we playing how we go collect 4 and he ent wasting he time.

See why friend lies are important......the average man on the street just need one good performance to sway loyalty.
The first Haiti match real real turn people off. But once we get a good result against USA. i.e a draw or win, the waggonists go be back in droves.

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