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T&T vs North East Stars (10th-May-2005).
Wed May 11, 2005 04:06

Nationals go down 2-0.
By: Shaun Fuentes.

Two well taken goals by Kendall Jagdeosingh in the 23rd minute and Kayode McKinnon in the 60th minute gave National Quarries North East Stars a 2-0 win over a squad of locally-based National players in a scrimmage at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on Tuesday.
With the gates opened to the pubic, close to 2,000 fans came to see what the local “Warriors” were going to offer in what was the first showing since the appointment of Head Coach Leo Beenhakker. And if they came expecting a revamped brand of football, well then they were left disappointed as the local outfit was clearly still in the process of getting their game intact following seven sessions with the Dutchman.
North East Stars on the other hand, were gunning for “Glory” from Ted Gordon’s opening whistle. They were without knee-injured striker Jerren Nixon.
As early as the second minute, Vincentian Kendall Velox brought the best out of goalie Duarance Williams with his left footed shot from the inside left of the penalty box.
T&T had their first good move going forward in the 18th minute when Aurtis Whitley neatly picked out Michael Celestine but the Jabloteh midfielder refused to shoot and slipped too wide for Gary Glasgow who could only hit into the side netting from close up.
Five minutes later, Jagdeosingh, omitted from the original national squad, gave Beenhakker a reminder of his ability with a clinical finish. Collecting on the left, the national under 20 player cut inside a couple metres before unleashing past a hapless Williams. A purposeful looking Arnold Dwarika also squirmed an attempt from close up when he shot straight at ‘keeper Trevor Nottingham.
An Abassi McPherson effort which deflected before Williams pushed over bar was the only other goalmouth excitement before the break.
The second half got going with little creativity from either team but the local club looked more urgent in their approach and kept the “Warriors” running around with pace. Beenhakker’s side also moved around quickly while in possession but hardly created panic in the Stars defensive quarter. Glasgow wasn’t a threat and, Whitley, Angus Eve and Densill Theobald were finding it difficult in breaking the opposition defense.
McKinnon then delivered the shot of the evening when he rocketed a free kick from just atop the box into the top right corner, deservedly getting the loudest cheer of the match.
Anthony Wolfe came on for Densill Theobald and Nigel Pierre for Arnold Dwarika late in the match but an Atiba Charles header which flew over bar was the closest the trialists got to goal before the end.

T&T Line-Up:

Duarance Williams, Atiba Charles, Derek King (Dwayne Jack 46th), Keyeno Thomas, Nigel Daniel, Densill Theobald (Anthony Wolfe 75th), Arnold Dwarika (Nigel Pierre 75th), Angus Eve (Trent Noel 46th), Aurtis Whitley (Kerry Baptiste 46th), Michael Celestine, Gary Glasgow.

North East Stars Line-Up:

Trevor Nottingham, Howard Lowe, Abassi Mc Pherson, Kayode Mc Kinnon (Simeon Augustus 71st), Kendall Velox (Ochieng Abosi 56th), Fabien Garcia (Lindsie Sherwood 63rd), Glenton Wolfe (Kern Thomas 55th), Keston Pierre, Keryn Navarro (Carey Harris 67th), Davidson Neptune, Kendall Jagdeosingh (Brent Antoine 67th).
Beenhakker: It was a worthy exercise.
By: Shaun Fuentes.

Trinidad and Tobago coach Leo Beenhakker didn’t get the result he may have hoped for but he certainly saw what he wanted to in terms of what the group of home-based players had to offer on the field of play in Tuesday’s 2-0 defeat to 2005 Pro League champions National Quarries North East Stars at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.
The result was an enjoyable one for the Sangre-Grande-based outfit but it didn’t leave the locals fans at all impressed with what they saw of the local “Warriors”.
But Beenhakker preferred not to dwell on what was officially his first match in charge of the former Caribbean champions.
“It was a difference for us as it was a training game but for our opponents, with all my respect, I think it was the final of the World Cup so they beat us with good aggression,” Beenhakker told reporters after the match.
But he added that the exercise served its purpose following seven training sessions with the team.
“It was very useful for me because you can have a lot of training sessions but the truth is on the pitch within a game. Before this game I had a lot of questions and the way we played and how several players were acting gave me a lot of answers,” Beenhakker noted.
“We are still in a try out period. We know very well all the possibilities of the local players now based on training sessions and this match and at least we have many answers.
“There were some moments where we played like we wanted to play good football and we had some chances, few though and these guys are working hard to play their best and in that way I was satisfied.“
Now the former Dutch National team coach is anticipating the arrival of some of the overseas-based pros from this week.
“Next week we start of course little by little with the players from abroad and that means we are on schedule and we will be ready when we start our official preparation for the important games.”
One reporter quizzed Beenhakker on whether he spotted any players in the Stars team and he used the chance to respond to reports questioning the decision to omit defender Anton Pierre from the squad.
“Yes but I won’t be saying any names right now. And listen I don’t understand all the emotion over the last few days over Anton Pierre. Anton is one of the few players we have seen in all the matches played until now for the qualifiers so we know him. I think when you start this job in the middle of such a tournament you have a right to give everyone a chance and they can all show if they are ready play in the team. I said after the first cut that I was not closing the door for anybody, not for Anton Pierre nor anyone so I don’t really understand all the emotion. We are doing try outs and we have a very good idea of the local players. We know what we want and next week we continue our preparations and I can assure you when we are going to play the next two matches against Panama and Mexico, the best possible team to represent T&T will play,” Beenhakker added.
English-born trialist Chris Birchall, Clayton Ince and David Nakhid arrived from London on Tuesday evening and made their way to the venue at half time. They will join the training from the next camp starting on Monday as T&T prepares for the May 18 encounter against Alianza Lima at the HC Stadium and the El Salvador National Senior Team at the same venue on May 25.
Match Report, Andre Samuel.

Brazil’s National Football team starting X1 is primarily foreign based so if it is we have to follow that trend we will be in good company! I was very optimistic at the start, there was a buzz amongst the crowd, and everyone wanted to see what Beenhakker could do….so we waited anxiously!

Tweeeeet! game start! Beenhakker started with Duarance Williams in goal, Derek King on the right, Nigel Daniel on the left, with Keyeno Thomas and Atiba Charles in the middle. The midfield had Aurtis Whitley and Theobald in the middle, Dwarika on the right, and Eve on the left, and up front he started with Celestine and Glasgow.

The team looked ok at the start and while North East Stars had the ball, kept an immaculate 4-4-2 formation. But basically, that is all there was to it. It didn’t take long for Stars to carve out the first chance of de game, quick interpassing in the fifth minute led to an open Kendall Velox, but his powerful shot was well blocked by Williams. The Warriors eventually got into the game, and eventally passed the ball on the turf well. Dwarika and Whitley showed nice understanding and it was this combination that created the first chance for the Warriors.
The chance fell to young Celestine who decided that he didn’t really want to make the papers as a goal scorer so he decided to pass the ball out wide to Glasgow with just the keeper to beat. The pass ended up being a bad one and the ball ended up by the corner flag. Glasgow did some good work to beat his man on the line but he was determined to make papers, so he shot the ball wide at an acute angle with two of his teammates waiting at the six yard box!

That was the only excitement in the NE Stars box in the first half, and I really don’t remember Trevor Nottingham making a save. Williams, however, was busy at the other end. I’m not sure if our defenders were instructed to allow the Stars room to shoot to test young Williams but it really appeared that way. The North East Stars players fought for every ball and played as if they had something to prove. None more than Mr. Kendall Jagdeosingh. Here was a man dropped from the local team and now playing against the men who were thought to be better than him. He played with the desire to leave an impression, and in the 23rd minute, he achieved this with a well taken goal that followed a defensive lapse. Abassi ‘elephantman’ Mc Pherson was another who left an impression. Spurred on by 300 vocally strong Stars supporters who chanted ‘ele’ when he had the ball, Mc Pherson answered with a determined display that was capped off by a blistering drive that Williams acrobatically tipped over bar.

Half time Stars 1 v Trinidad and Tobago 0.

The arrival of Chris Birchall was the talking point of the half time break as he sat watching the game with Clayton Ince. I am sure based on the display he wanted to know which team was the national team (just joking).

Tweeeeet second half on de way, the national team (or as one supporter put it, ‘dem is ah national side not ah national team’) passed around the ball a lot better and showed great determination to equalize and did eventually get the ball in the net but the blind lines-man flagged Dwarika’s legitimate goal as offside in the 55th minute. The play deteriorated after that with Stars sending on a couple of subs every 5 minutes and the game lost a bit of the flow. But then in the 60 something minute came the moment of the match. One of our defenders handled the ball just outside the penalty area and the referee awarded a free kick to Stars. Four players stood over the ball and one by one they ran over it with the last man, Kayode McKinnon curling the ball over the wall and into de jep nest! GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL. De crowd went mad !! Bend it like Kayode was the chant, and our national side, our Warriors, our World Cup hopefuls, the nucleus of our team, were 2-0 down. After that there really wasn’t anything much to the game. Stars missed a few chances to embarrass the Wwarriors further while our national footballing representatives strayed offside a few times more.

The arrival on the field of the only man from Stars on the national side cause quite a stir and I must say that I was impressed with his tenacity on the pitch. Anthony Wolfe is his name and I am sure he did himself no favours during the twenty minutes on the pitch !

All in all, Beenhakker has his work cut out for him if he wants the squad to be 80% locally based. I didn’t expect much as yet since he only had the side for 10 days but I did see a little more movement while we had the ball which could only be a good sign !! But for the 1000 odd supporters at the stadium, the road to Germany looking long and tough ! It is hard to see this ‘side’ forming the core of our national team. What was certain, it looks as if they were playing to a plan but they suffered in the execution. I would give this side an A for the passing since the keeper was the only one who could boast of kicking de ball far !!

Given a few more practice games, I think with the proper players, we could be ok !


Duarance WILLIAMS:
7 - Looked competent in the shot blocking department, but is very confused with the ball at his feet. Kicked out every ball wildly that came to him!

6 – Didn’t do anything to stand out in this game and I was very surprised to see him at the heart of the defense knowing how good he is on the wing.

Derek KING:
5 – Didn’t look bad, didn’t stand out, was very economical in his movements and not sure bout the position though.

5 - I know he is a good player but he had a bad game, he showed us how to miskick when under pressure! crossed the ball well though (better than Rojas).

Keyeno THOMAS:
6 – Goes to ground too quickly and too hard ! nice back up defender to have.

7.5 – All of Arnold’s fans should smile. Looked good on the ball and still has the ability to go past defenders.

6 – Hardly saw the ball and many of his passes were blocked but the ideas were there, he linked well with Theobald and Dwarika in midfield.

6.5 – Was the official clean up man and performed satisfactorily. Tried to play the quick pass too much.

Angus EVE:
5 – Eve play ??

4 – Stern John taught this man well, he was the official loafer today.

5 – Didn’t relax and play the way I know he could play, was always in two minds when he had the ball.

Anthony WOLFE:
7 – Ran down a lot of balls that Glasgow gave up, and put a lot of pressure on the defenders when they were on the ball. I personally was impressed.

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