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Cecelia Cook
What happened to Cap. Crawford
Wed Apr 30, 2014 2:28pm

I cannot find out what happened to Capt. Crawford of the 28th GA Volunteers - not listed as a casualty but family legend has it that he died and left his wife with large family and she sold ginger cakes at a stage coach stop. My GGGF was one of his teenage sons. The family seems to have collectively relocated to Harris County, GA. Have nothing definitive that states which Crawfords in GA William Pinkney Crawford related to --- that would help a lot. Cecelia Cook

    • Crawford Rangers, Co. CDavid Butler, Sun Aug 3 8:53pm
      Hello Cecelia, Send me an email and I will gladly try to help you with Capt. William P. Crawford. I live in the county that Company C, "Crawford Rangers", were from and have done a good bit of... more
      • William P. Crawfordcc, Sun Aug 3 10:00pm
        How wonderful to hear from you. His family I feel fairly sure was from Columbia or Richmond. (The Crawfords of GA). I wondered about the Spalding location, but was not familiar with name of town... more
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