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Taylor Lee
Eldridge Hatcher/Stephen New
Fri Aug 22, 2014 10:11am

Greetings to members and interested parties of the 28th Georgia Regiment. My ancestor was Eldridge Hatcher, 2nd Lt. for Company H.

I was doing some research on Lt. Hatcher and came across your site some time ago. I have some information to share on Eldridge Hatcher - and if you are related to Private Stephen New, you'll want to get in touch with me. There was a post on this site over a decade ago written by "Lori Tanner Neumann" regarding him.

This site says that Eldridge is buried in Washington County, Georgia. I can now proudly verify this. Last month, after a very long search, I LOCATED HIS GRAVE near the town of Tennille. I came down to Georgia from North Carolina where I live, and after hours of searching I located his resting place, overgrown with briars and bush, in the middle of a farm. The gentleman who owns the property was very kind and allowed me access to the site.

His grave is designated with a beautiful white marble Confederate service marker. I cleaned up the site so that it is no longer shrouded in leaves, briars and weeds.

My Grandfather, who grew up in nearby Mount Vernon, had asked me before his death last year at age 93 to find where Eldridge Hatcher was buried, and to make sure his resting place wasn't forgotten. Now that I've found it and kept my sacred promise, I don't want Eldridge to be lost again.

If anyone from the 28th unit wants to know where he is buried, I will be glad to provide the details. I took pictures of his grave site and marker as well. I am also in possession of a picture of Eldridge Hatcher and a few other items of historical significance that some of you may like to see posted here - which brings me to my next topic.

Now - regarding STEPHEN NEW...

My ancestor, Eldridge Hatcher, did a great deal of recruiting for the 28th Regiment. One of the recruits he signed up was STEPHEN NEW. How do I know this? Here it comes: MY GRANDFATHER GAVE ME AN ORIGINAL CONFEDERATE ENLISTMENT FORM, SIGNED BY ELDRIDGE HATCHER AND STEPHEN NEW, WHICH HIS GRANDFATHER GAVE HIM DECADES AGO. How this priceless document ended up in my family is a guess, but what I think is this: Eldridge died in Richmond in 1862, and it must have been in his possession and ended up with his belongings which were passed along to family.

So: if there are any relatives of Private Stephen New out there who would like to see his enlistment paper, signed by him, I'd like to help. I'm not giving up this document, but if anyone would like to see it or have a copy, I'm willing to share.

I mentioned that Eldridge died in Virginia in June of 1862, but that he is buried in Washington County, Georgia. The story of how his remains were returned home from Virginia is a legend in my family, and I have original family documents that make mention of that effort, written by his own son, James Lawson Hatcher.

So, if anyone wants to discuss any of these items with me, please get in touch. My e-mail address is if you would like to contact me.

    • Eldridge Hatchermitziconvert, Thu Jun 1 11:27pm
      Eldridge was my great great grandfather. There is a great deal of information on him at My brother had actually found his grave ... more
      • Eldridge HatcherTaylor Lee, Fri Jun 2 7:59am
        Greetings Ms. Jones! Glad to see you're from Savannah. My Mother was born and raised there and it's a place close to my heart. So here's my attachment to Eldridge V. Hatcher: Eldridge had a son with... more
    • Re: Eldridge Hatcher/Stephen NewLori Tanner Neumann, Fri Oct 3 11:33pm
      Oh wow, ME, ME!! Just got your FB post and will reply by message. This is so cool. Thank you!
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