Ken Doran
Sgt. George Scott article about Kolb's Farm
Sat Oct 4, 2014 1:09pm

In 1908, a publication called "National Magazine" ran a short article entitled "Kolb's Farm", written by Sgt. Scott of the 123rd about the regiment in that battle. It is of particular interest to me because Private Patrick Malone, who features prominently, was my g-g-great uncle. He died in Andersonville.

    • Re: Sgt. George Scott article about Kolb's FarmAnonymous, Mon Jun 8 12:37am
      Following up on this, Sgt. Scott also wrote a short semi-biographical novel called "Tamarack Farm" (1903). It is well written, divided roughly between his childhood and an often blunt and candid... more
    • Scott / MaloneBob Farrell, Sun Oct 5 6:31pm
      Ken A really great story and one that was previously unknown to me Scott had another short article in the National Tribune about Andersonville and went on to have quite a career. I also have a story... more
      • Pvt. Patrick Malone/Sgt. George ScottKen Doran, Wed Sep 27 12:31am
        Bob Farrell: Although it is three years old, I do not recall seeing your response to my post before. I came across it on a new search of the site. I would very much appreciate the article to which... more
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