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Steve Toney
If you do find them...
Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:52am

If you do find the letters, let us know so that we can get them and put them on our website, if possible. We currently don't have any letters from soldiers of the 28th Georgia. Thanks and good luck with your research.

Steve Toney

  • Re: LettersKiely, Thu Apr 7 10:32am
    Thank you I'll try it and see what I can come with... Thank You
    • If you do find them... — Steve Toney, Wed Apr 13 10:52am
      • Tully Graybill letters, Fri Apr 14 2:42pm
        I wa lucky enough to find a letter it is in the National Park Service Archives at Antietam Battlefield -- it is a touching letter home to Annabelle his wife and describes the 28th stand at South... more
      • Message to WebmasterJWKiely, Wed Apr 13 1:40pm
        I will do so... This whole search for Tully Graybill has lead me to discover his colorful life from landed-gentry society this Southern Doctor emerged as a Southern Soldier and with the depositions... more
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