Eldridge Hatcher
Fri Jun 2, 2017 7:59am

Greetings Ms. Jones! Glad to see you're from Savannah. My Mother was born and raised there and it's a place close to my heart.

So here's my attachment to Eldridge V. Hatcher:

Eldridge had a son with Celia Hart names James Lawson Hatcher.

James Lawson Hatcher had a daughter with his second wife, Celestany, and that daughter was Annie Hatcher.

Annie Hatcher married Jubilee Smith Stephenson.

Annie and Jubilee had a few sons, one of whom was James Elmer Stephenson. James Elmer Stephenson is my maternal Grandfather. He's the one who was close to his Hatcher relations, and he grew up in Kite and Mount Vernon, Georgia. His Grandfather, James Lawson Hatcher, lived in Soperton not far away and he spent a lot of time with "Grandpa Hatcher" and loved him dearly.

My Grandfather, James Stephenson, married Margaret Hughes in 1943 in Mount Vernon. Their first of 3 children, Lynne Stephenson, is my mother.

I talked extensively to my Grandfather and his brother, Edwin Stephenson, about Eldridge and related stories as much as I could over the years prior to their deaths. I've also done research and have seen information on the Hatcher Family Association website.

Sounds like we may have some stories and information to share. My Grandfather ended up with a lot of old letters, old photographs and all kinds of things - all of which is now in my possession, and all of which I'm more than happy to share with you.

My e-mail address is crinoid1970@gmail.com if you want to contact me directly. And if you like, I wouldn't mind making your acquaintance and chatting on the phone!!!

Most sincerely,

Taylor Lee

  • Eldridge Hatchermitziconvert, Thu Jun 1 11:27pm
    Eldridge was my great great grandfather. There is a great deal of information on him at http://hatcherfamilyassn.com/getperson.php?personID=i17459&tree=WmTheIm My brother had actually found his grave ... more
    • Eldridge Hatcher — Taylor Lee, Fri Jun 2 7:59am
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