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Jim Tighe, C/4/12, 1966-67
Redcatchers - The Movie
Sun Jan 2, 2011 07:20

I spent over an hour marvelling over the pictures that Robby Gouge links in his post below, I had no idea there were so many Redcatcher authors, and I also hadn't seen high definition photos from that period of time either. We definitely have a story to tell, and I think we should consider a different medium other than books.

There's a video on the site of Chaplain Liteky receiving an award from General Abrams. I don't think it was the CMOH because those are generally awarded by the president himself. After the two shake hands, Chaplain Liteky is interviewed by the press, but unfortunately there's no sound. Still, there's something unquestionably heroic about him. And you don't see that quality in people these days.

A-4/12's Dan Less has quite a number of really high quality stills from BMB in 1967. We don't know what else is out there, but Robby has put out a general call for support in this regard. It may be possible to reconstruct after a fashion the Vietnam that we experienced. There's a German film "Mein Krieg" that provides a model for the kind of look backwards at the war. They show actual stills and movie footage from the war as these guys remember it; then the camera returns to the guys themselves as they are at the time of filming.

I think it's worthwhile to see how far we can get into a project like this. I have a strong feeling that our story is not getting out in the most effective medium to tell it.

Here's one idea - tell the story modestly. If we attempt a Rambo film, kids are just going to roll their eyes. I think St. Luke has the right idea how to get a message across in a way that people will want to hear it:

But when you are invited, take the lowest place, so that when your host comes, he will say to you, 'Friend, move up to a better place.' Then you will be honored in the presence of all your fellow guests. Luke, 14:10

I just read that the first of the baby boomers - the generation born in 1946 and onwards - is turning 65 as of January 1st. That's a natural audience for Redcatchers The Movie, as well as our children, and our children's children.

A personal note. I'm very proud of Vietnam veterans. It was a tough war in itself, and the aftermath was also tough. But Vietnam veterans as a group weren't whiners. Self-pity is not something people associate with guys who actually served. The sad sacks who pretended they served are well documented, but people know one of the signs of a true Vietnam vet is that we don't piss and moan about it. We never have.

However . . . . let's make sure the story gets out. We'll need to coordinate among ourselves how to do this. There aren't any senior officers among us anymore. It's just us, the guys who actually carried the battle.

Lets have some feedback. Redcatchers the Movie. Sylvester Stallone need not apply.

Here's the link for Mein Krieg:

    • in memoriumJim Rothblatt, C/4/12, 1966-67, Fri Sep 4 13:32
      Jim Tighe, R.I.P.
    • Redcatcher - The MovieFreddie, Fri Jan 7 13:37
      Jim T, like you comments and your quote from Luke. Freddie
    • D-Troop 17th Cavratscallion70, Mon Jan 3 10:54
      I find it oddly amazing there was nothing posted on that site about the 17th cav? Is there anyone here that was in the 17th cav? We were attached to the 199th surely someone here recognizes the... more
      • d trp 17th arcav 199th libphil parry, Tue May 13 15:52
        Hello I was assigned to d trp when they had the jeeps and were at Cat Lei between Cho Lon and Long Bin. I was originaly a finance clerk. Asked for a reassignment. Went to D Trp. A couple of weeks... more
        • D Trp. 17th Cav.John (Shorty) Thalison, Wed May 14 01:05
          I arrived in-country at the same time the Sheridans. I was trained on 48's & 60's in Ft. Knox, never saw or heard of a Sheridan until I arrived at D Trp. Sept. 1969. I was on D36, Plt. Sgt. Murphy's... more
          • Tankers Slim, Thu May 15 04:36
            Hi John I came to the troop month after you , same same with me never been on a Sheridan only 48's & 60's after fort Knox armor school . Then after Redcatcher training course they gave me a book at... more
            • Cav.John (Shorty) Thalison, Fri May 16 21:25
              Pleased to make your aquaintance, Slim. Which track were you on? I've been to the renunion in D.C. once, but it was a long time ago, 1990 or 1991. Central Michigan here, how's about you?
              • CAVSLIM , Sat May 17 06:48
                Hi I was on track 15 4/1/70 , went up in flames , I'm from New Jersey . allot of guys who come to the reunions are from same tour 69-70 and lots of different years and tours all the way back to gun... more
                • CavBob Cusick, Sun May 18 06:58
                  Hey Slim: Where in Jersey are you? I live in Wayne, NJ. Are you going to the New Orleans reunion? I was with B Battery 2/40th 1969-1970 out of fire support base Mace as our home away from home.... more
                  • 2/40THJohn Domina, Thu May 22 16:31
                    Bob, Were you at Dinh II on 4-18-70John
                  • BOBSLIM, Sun May 18 08:56
                    Hi Bob I'm in central jersey Brunswick area , been to mace many times , that was our last stop before Fort Apache ( indian territory ) . Spent X-Mass 69 there with engine troubles on my tank . Hot... more
                • 17th Cav.John "Shorty" Thalison, Sat May 17 12:54
                  Oh yes, none of us will forget that infamous day,1 Apr. 1970. I have like a 4th cousin that lives on one of those "islands" off the east coast of NJ. Neither one of us have been able to figure out... more
                  • 17th Cav.John "Shorty" Thalison, Sat May 17 12:56
                    For anyone that would like to have it, my email addy is:
      • I was the 1st and 2nd PTL. in 1968George Berkley, Tue Oct 25 14:42
        I was in Vietnam from 2 Jan. 1968 -Dec. 24, 1968. From January - may I was assigned to D troop 17th Cav. First as X.O. then when Lt. harper was killed on the first day of TET in Saigon, I was sent... more
        • Lt Harper 2nd pltgary olson, Thu Sep 3 12:31
          I was ssg olson from 71st came over cav. after LT. was killed I took over 2nd pla. can you remember thing of this after his loss there is record of us .
      • D 17 th CavJoe (SKI) Tchinski, Tue Jan 4 18:10
        Names, not Nick names are a help , I went by SKI ,because it was hard to Pronounce and who could remember how to Spell it from old memories . Go to the email data base to see any that you can... more
        • D-Troop 17th Cavratscallion70, Wed Jan 5 00:29
          Name is Ed White driver of track 42 HQ Platoon If you could put up the pics you took at Mace i could tell you if you happened to get a snap shot of me. What do you mean by OJT on a sheridan? I was... more
          • D 17 CavJoe Tchinski, Wed Jan 5 03:10
            Well ED, Now we can Talk, most wanted to Hide after April 1 , a lot of NCO's went a found another job somewhere .My Orginal TC was injured by IED ( used to call them Mines back then , Now Improvised... more
            • 4-1-70John Domina, Wed May 14 06:44
              Joe TCHINSKI, Do you remember Danny Flynn and Darrell Aspey
              • FLYNN & AspeySLIM, Sun May 18 14:28
                Hi Yes sir I do , aspey was KIA 2/28/70 like 10 clicks from Fort apache , Flynn was KIA 4/1/70 ,SLIM
                • AspeyJohn "Shorty" Thalison, Mon May 19 11:11
                  I sure do recall that name, Aspey. I wish my memory was better.
            • D-Troopjim barnett, Thu Jan 6 15:06
              We've been wondering who this ratscallion 70 was. Welcome home. I was A Sheridan TC, there on April 1st. Was with the Gen and CO at back of A-cav when it got hit. Always said the Cobra got the General
              • D-TroopFreddie, Fri Jan 7 13:35
                I have told this story before but when someone mentions the Gen getting killed, it always comes back to me. Got home in March 1970, went to Bragg and in April was informed by the Red Cross that my... more
              • Re: D-Troopratscallion70, Fri Jan 7 09:34
                You're absolutely right Jim.I suppose the Army wrote it up as a sniper took Bond out to make it look better for everyone that was involved and i guess i don't have a problem with that, But do you... more
                • D-TroopJim Barnett, Mon Jan 10 15:40
                  The Cobra was in radio contact with our LT on the ground. He was told to do what he had to do. The rest is history. Gen. should not have been on the ground doing a sweep. Read a couple different... more
            • D-Troop 17th Cavratscallion70, Wed Jan 5 15:53
              Yeah it's a shame so many of us were trained on the Sheridan but never got to crew one. I to was trained on the 48 and 60 plus the Sheridan with extended training just to learn to set up and... more
      • D Troop 17th cavBob Tolliver, Tue Jan 4 10:12
        Rat C3/7th did some time with you guys thanks for your service and welcome home my Brother
        • D-Troop 17th Cavratscallion70, Tue Jan 4 12:05
          Whoa I never dreamed i would see sooo many responses :) I came over in Oct 69 It would have been sooner but i among others were kept behind at Ft Knox for more advanced training on the sheridan to... more
      • D troopKeith, Tue Jan 4 08:51
        Ratscallion, I came over in Oct. 69 also. As has been posted, list does exist.
      • D TroopSlim, Tue Jan 4 02:34
        Hey Bro We have been having reunions for over 30 years now , next one is arlington va . memorial day , we usually have between 10-20 guys from D troop most from 69-70 tour . Slim
      • Re: D-Troop 17th CavRick, Mon Jan 3 11:04
        Look here for the troopers listed for the 17th Cav:
        • D-Troop 17th Cavratscallion70, Mon Jan 3 12:40
          Hey thanks but how do i put my name on the Cavs list?
          • Re: D-Troop 17th CavRick, Mon Jan 3 12:55
            The email database is not in my control and the link is just an archived section from years ago. You can find all of the stored information here:... more
            • Re: D-Troop 17th CavEarl Hall, Thu Sep 10 06:30
     1st platoon 10/67 to 10/68 d troop 17th cav. track 11 l/g
    • RE: Redcatcher MovieRobert J. Gouge, Sun Jan 2 13:28
      Jim, That's an outstanding idea. If nothing else, I always thought that a quality documentary, similar to the kind that are seen on The History/Military Channels or National Geographic, would be... more
      • Redcatcher The MovieJim Tighe, C/4/12, 1966-67, Mon Jan 3 07:31
        Robby, we're on the same page about a documentary that tells our story. Time is running out. In not too much longer we'll be little old guys peeing on ourselves, so we need to start planning. It's... more
        • Redcatcher DocumentaryLarry Merryman, Thu Jan 13 00:08
          Hey Jim....I sent you an e-mail about this organization. Maybe some guys could check this web site out and get some ideas about starting this documentary post haste...before... more
      • Redcatcher DocumentaryLarry Merryman, Mon Jan 3 01:42
        Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. There are grants out there somewhere for projects like this. I'll be looking for one...or two. Great idea. It took me (and probably many others) 40 years to even... more
        • Getting olderLewis Jay Deutsch, Wed Oct 7 09:48
          Since everyone is about the same age, getting older has its problems. Thank you Ric for doing a great job. You helped me out a lot. I was with the HQ 2/40th, but served with all the Inf. Co's and... more
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