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Jim Tighe, C/4/12, 1966-67
Redcatcher The Movie
Mon Jan 3, 2011 07:31

Robby, we're on the same page about a documentary that tells our story. Time is running out. In not too much longer we'll be little old guys peeing on ourselves, so we need to start planning.

It's more important to get something out the door than for everybody to be happy about the product. I worked with Ed Lambert, a Mafia-busting cop in Brooklyn, on his autobiography, but I couldn't get him to commit to what I considered to be necessary changes in the manuscript. It read like a police report and he wouldn't go along with restructuring it to grab the reader's attention right away. "It's my story," he'd say. And I'd tell him that if he found the body at 0815 hours, tell the story out of sequence if you have to, because finding the body is more important than what you did at 0800 hours.

I'll send you my ideas in a separate e-mail to you, and we'll find out if this project is doable. Eddie never did publish his autobiography; he died. There must have been 100 cops at his funeral, and his son read "The Policeman's Prayer" as his eulogy. I regretted that Eddie's stubbornness which made him a hardnose also got in the way of telling his story.

  • RE: Redcatcher MovieRobert J. Gouge, Sun Jan 2 13:28
    Jim, That's an outstanding idea. If nothing else, I always thought that a quality documentary, similar to the kind that are seen on The History/Military Channels or National Geographic, would be... more
    • Redcatcher The Movie — Jim Tighe, C/4/12, 1966-67, Mon Jan 3 07:31
      • Redcatcher DocumentaryLarry Merryman, Thu Jan 13 00:08
        Hey Jim....I sent you an e-mail about this organization. Maybe some guys could check this web site out and get some ideas about starting this documentary post haste...before... more
    • Redcatcher DocumentaryLarry Merryman, Mon Jan 3 01:42
      Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. There are grants out there somewhere for projects like this. I'll be looking for one...or two. Great idea. It took me (and probably many others) 40 years to even... more
      • Getting olderLewis Jay Deutsch, Wed Oct 7 09:48
        Since everyone is about the same age, getting older has its problems. Thank you Ric for doing a great job. You helped me out a lot. I was with the HQ 2/40th, but served with all the Inf. Co's and... more
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