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Re: D-Troop 17th Cav
Mon Jan 3, 2011 12:55

The email database is not in my control and the link is just an archived section from years ago. You can find all of the stored information here: so bookmark it for later use. I wish I could help you more. Rick Jones

  • D-Troop 17th Cavratscallion70, Mon Jan 3 12:40
    Hey thanks but how do i put my name on the Cavs list?
    • Re: D-Troop 17th Cav — Rick, Mon Jan 3 12:55
      • Re: D-Troop 17th CavEarl Hall, Thu Sep 10 06:30 1st platoon 10/67 to 10/68 d troop 17th cav. track 11 l/g
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