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D-Troop 17th Cav
Tue Jan 4, 2011 12:05

Whoa I never dreamed i would see sooo many responses :)
I came over in Oct 69 It would have been sooner but i among others were kept behind at Ft Knox for more advanced training on the sheridan to learn how to set up and calibrate the guidance system for firing the laser guided missile. Funny thing is we never utilized it in nam. lmao Once i entered nam and processed in and then assigned to the 17th Cav i found everyone i went through training with there in my unit. I was then assigned to HQ on a APC that had Radar on it sooo i was OJT learning how to set up and run radar! WTF? I said to myself all this extra training on the laser guidance and now I"m not even going to be on a sheridan I'm going to be a radar tech on a damn APC :( Such is life ROFLMFAO

  • D Troop 17th cavBob Tolliver, Tue Jan 4 10:12
    Rat C3/7th did some time with you guys thanks for your service and welcome home my Brother
    • D-Troop 17th Cav — ratscallion70, Tue Jan 4 12:05
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