Joe Tchinski
D 17 Cav
Wed Jan 5, 2011 03:10

Well ED,
Now we can Talk, most wanted to Hide after April 1 , a lot of NCO's went a found another job somewhere .My Orginal TC was injured by IED ( used to call them Mines back then , Now Improvised Explose Device )He Took over the EM Club, NCO in charge.
My loader Basil Cook , was the orginal crew , the others wounded 4/1/70 not to be found for Decades to Pass .
Cook Died from Heart attack 1998.
Schess Found 1997 and Chestnut found after 2000.
I was a replacement Nov 69, not from any action just people moving to find a place for them .

What I was stating was that so many were trained on Sheridans, but many never Crewed one, and since I was trained 48's and 60's and never trained on APC's I thought staying on the Sheridan the Best of an Education .

All they said about Sheridans was true, Fires, Little or no armor but when all came down to it the APC's not much better. All were ether Metal Targets , or Rolling Coffins with fire as a Final Goodbye .

I am sure you are not in the Radar picture, for it was a dismounted Radar.

Talk More Later , Joe

  • D-Troop 17th Cavratscallion70, Wed Jan 5 00:29
    Name is Ed White driver of track 42 HQ Platoon If you could put up the pics you took at Mace i could tell you if you happened to get a snap shot of me. What do you mean by OJT on a sheridan? I was... more
    • D 17 Cav — Joe Tchinski, Wed Jan 5 03:10
      • 4-1-70John Domina, Wed May 14 06:44
        Joe TCHINSKI, Do you remember Danny Flynn and Darrell Aspey
        • FLYNN & AspeySLIM, Sun May 18 14:28
          Hi Yes sir I do , aspey was KIA 2/28/70 like 10 clicks from Fort apache , Flynn was KIA 4/1/70 ,SLIM
          • AspeyJohn "Shorty" Thalison, Mon May 19 11:11
            I sure do recall that name, Aspey. I wish my memory was better.
      • D-Troopjim barnett, Thu Jan 6 15:06
        We've been wondering who this ratscallion 70 was. Welcome home. I was A Sheridan TC, there on April 1st. Was with the Gen and CO at back of A-cav when it got hit. Always said the Cobra got the General
        • D-TroopFreddie, Fri Jan 7 13:35
          I have told this story before but when someone mentions the Gen getting killed, it always comes back to me. Got home in March 1970, went to Bragg and in April was informed by the Red Cross that my... more
        • Re: D-Troopratscallion70, Fri Jan 7 09:34
          You're absolutely right Jim.I suppose the Army wrote it up as a sniper took Bond out to make it look better for everyone that was involved and i guess i don't have a problem with that, But do you... more
          • D-TroopJim Barnett, Mon Jan 10 15:40
            The Cobra was in radio contact with our LT on the ground. He was told to do what he had to do. The rest is history. Gen. should not have been on the ground doing a sweep. Read a couple different... more
      • D-Troop 17th Cavratscallion70, Wed Jan 5 15:53
        Yeah it's a shame so many of us were trained on the Sheridan but never got to crew one. I to was trained on the 48 and 60 plus the Sheridan with extended training just to learn to set up and... more
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