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Re: D-Troop
Fri Jan 7, 2011 09:34

You're absolutely right Jim.I suppose the Army wrote it up as a sniper took Bond out to make it look better for everyone that was involved and i guess i don't have a problem with that, But do you think the Cobra gunner is aware of what happened? If he does his life must be miserable remembering what happened that fateful day.

  • D-Troopjim barnett, Thu Jan 6 15:06
    We've been wondering who this ratscallion 70 was. Welcome home. I was A Sheridan TC, there on April 1st. Was with the Gen and CO at back of A-cav when it got hit. Always said the Cobra got the General
    • D-TroopFreddie, Fri Jan 7 13:35
      I have told this story before but when someone mentions the Gen getting killed, it always comes back to me. Got home in March 1970, went to Bragg and in April was informed by the Red Cross that my... more
    • Re: D-Troop — ratscallion70, Fri Jan 7 09:34
      • D-TroopJim Barnett, Mon Jan 10 15:40
        The Cobra was in radio contact with our LT on the ground. He was told to do what he had to do. The rest is history. Gen. should not have been on the ground doing a sweep. Read a couple different... more
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