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Re: Fireball aviation section
Sun Feb 13, 2011 23:32

Hello, A little about me,I got in country on 20Jan69, Was with the 71 Inf Det, and then on 26Jan68 the 71th became M Co 75th Inf Rangers. Was with that unit in field till 2May68. At that time I went to HHC Aviation section, HHC199th Inf Bde USARPAC was a door gunner and flew a lot on the loaches, Going through the pictures posted on these sites, I was glad to see old #333 OH-6, In fact I have a picture of me standing at the side of it, Was going to get a ARVN who shot himself in the foot, and we got the hell shoot out of 333, luckily I had my flax jacket under seat , saved my butt, last time I saw it was when it lifted our of Swan Loc firebase, something spelled like that. Would also like to know who the pilot was that day, who got both of us back on the ground, I need to thank him again, 42 years later. I also have a couple of other pictures of pilots, that I do not know there names, wish I did? Can one of you guys tell me where to send copies so that someone could put a name to the pictures, Great to look through the Fireball aviation,OH I still have my "FIREBALL' patch with my name on it,, GBU/GBA
Larry Hall Kansas

  • Fireball aviation sectionJerry D. Kelley, Fri Jan 18 13:27
    Yeah, you guys didn't know but there was a article 15 waiting for the pilot that ever bounced Gen Gen around. Fred always wanted a smooth touck down and always to exit the AC in the direction he... more
    • Fireball sectionJim Kaup, Sun May 15 16:37
      hey, i Flew with fireballs from july 66 - jan 67 (dates approx), joined the 199th right after it came into country. mainly flew Gen Freund and was flying when he and aide were shot in hot LZ when... more
    • Re: Fireball aviation section — Larry, Sun Feb 13 23:32
      • Photosjerry D. kelley, Mon Feb 14 17:49
        Larry send to me. I was in country from Dec 68 till Dec 69. I heard that 333 made it home a was flying for the Borderpatrol in AZ
        • Re: PhotosLarry, Mon Feb 14 19:40
          I beleive that 333 was sent back to the states after we got shot at, was repaired in Texas, sent back, and again crippled and returned again! maybe they kept the poor thing home then!
        • picturesLarry, Mon Feb 14 19:24
          Ok Jerry, will do, just let me know about them, is you email address here somewhere?
    • Re: Fireball aviation sectionLarry Hall, Sun Feb 13 23:29
      Hello, A little about me,I got in country on 20Jan69, Was with the 71 Inf Det, and then on 26Jan68 the 71th became M Co 75th Inf Rangers. Was with that unit in field till 2May68. At that time I went... more
      • Fireball AviationBob Cusick, Tue Feb 15 09:37
        Larry Hall: Welcome to the Redcatcher site. Thanks for posting your information. I would suggest that you post the pictures on this site & ask if anyone can identify the persons in the pictures. I'm... more
    • Pictures - Don Beltermatthew belter, Sun Mar 30 17:37
      Jerry, Many years ago you sent me a note indicating you had some pictures of my father, Donald Belter. He was a pilot with you in the late 60's in Vietnam. Could you forward me any that you may have? ... more
    • Fireball AircraftRodger Crum, Fri Jan 18 15:46
      Fireball Two Zero, I am not sure if the General would have really given an Article 15 to a Fireball pilot that had a hard landing or questional take-off. But I know for sure that it would have been... more
      • Generalfireballpilot, Sat Jan 19 15:02
        Hey Roger did realize it was you that I have been talking with. How the world you doing outlaw? drop me a line at my e-mail sometime. I have many fond memories of Gen Gen,did I ever tell you about... more
      • A/C 459Jerry D. Kelley, Fri Jan 18 17:30
        I flew 459 a lot I flew Davison, Bennette and that new Guy Bond. About when did this occur. I may remember the time. I was short when Bond came along I got cross wise with him when I found repelling... more
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