Paul Frank @ Fishnet'68
Five Gallon Can
Wed Apr 13, 2011 23:24

Thanks For Your Response. I Remember The "Can"! The Guys @ Como, Told Me To
Place The Can Close To The Generator, 5 Min Or So...Presto,Hot Water. One Time
When The Rains Came There Was A Water Fall By The Side Entrance(Alley) I Washed
My Fatigues And Me @ Same Time. You Remember Those Who Wore Flip Flops, Mud Everywhere,
Their Backs Covered With Zillion Mud Spots.
If You Wish, E-mail Me Re: Tuo Duo Street...
"Hey GI, You Buy Me One Saigon Tea For Lucky"?...

  • fishnet jymjon, Wed Apr 13 20:07
    Thanks a lot. You sure have a good memory. I never had a good one to start with and it hasn''t got any better. I wasn't part of the fight crew( pilots,crew chief and door gunner) I was what they call ... more
    • More Fishnet J. Lucero, Thu Apr 14 09:29
      Redcatchers, The Fishnet also had a forward Tactical Operation Control (TOC)where General Davison and other top brass worked. The 298th Signal Platoon had a teletype for sending and receiving coded,... more
      • Fishnetjymjon, Fri Apr 15 00:17
        Interesting post. But you lost me on the relationship etqween Jackie Robinson and General Davison, outside the obvious fact they were both black. You give too much credit to Jackie Robinson and not... more
        • FISHNETJay Deutsch, Tue Apr 19 23:11
          Was there from July to Sept 68. Worked S3 for 2/40. We slept on the 2nd floor with about 20 other guys. We were one floor below the roof with all the 292's in a row. The Xenon light was at the left... more
          • Fishnet memoriesKen Pepiton, Mon Nov 21 22:41
            Jay Duetsch, good story. We probably at least saw each other at the KHAI VINH fishnet factory, I was the commo guy or one of a team of three, who ruined potable water cans to make hot showers... more
      • FishnetAnonymous, Thu Apr 14 22:28
        Interesting Post.But can't figure out what Jackie Robinson had anything to do with paving the way for General Davison as a brigade Commander outside of the obvious fact that they were both black. I... more
    • Five Gallon Can — Paul Frank @ Fishnet'68, Wed Apr 13 23:24
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