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Jay Voorhees A2/3
fishnet whore house
Sat Apr 16, 2011 06:48

The subject of the Fishnet whore house as remembered so well by Steve Perkins- A 2/3. This was a subject of review in detail at the last company reunion.The file on this piece of history was sealed for 40 years.It is no longer classified and out to all the world.I can't wait for the movie to come out.I can see Tom Cruise playing the part of Steve.

  • FISHNETSteve Perkins A2/3, Fri Apr 15 10:24
    I remember the hole in the wall. A 2/3 was at the fishnet for a couple day stand down. Forth platoon was set up on the outside of the fence. (guess they did not want us to close to the civilized... more
    • fishnet whore house — Jay Voorhees A2/3, Sat Apr 16 06:48
      • Fishnet whore house movieSteve Perkins A2/3, Sun Apr 17 08:49
        Leo Dicaprio as Jay Voorhees, Johnny Depp as Pusti, and Bogie as himself as the half drunk GI.
        • AuditionsThomas R. "Bogie" Bogenhagen, Sun Apr 17 12:07
          Steve He we go again, with a childish personal attack. You don't know if I even drank when I was in Viet Nam. or for that matter, if I even drink now. Seeing you have never bought me a drink or met... more
          • Auditionsratscallion70, Mon Apr 18 12:17
            • My Answer:Thomas R. "Bogie" Bogenhagen, Mon Apr 18 21:16
              IITYWYBAD? Bogie
      • Fishnet Whore Houseyogi, Sun Apr 17 07:42
        Being an FNG at the Fishnet with A 2/3 ,the guys told me about this famous establishment,young and fresh from the World,I was thinking of pretty round eyed beauties,so one night I wondered down there ... more
      • Tom Cruise's Leading LadyPaul Frank@ FRishnet'68, Sat Apr 16 09:50
        Good One Jay! Leading Lady(?) Who Else But Jane Fonda (~_o)!
        • Tom Cruise Leading Ladyyogi, Sun Apr 17 07:50
          Good One Paul ,except she would have to be the Leading Lady for the NVA in the movie Platoon !!! : ) : ) Yogi
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