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Paul Frank@ FRishnet'68
Tom Cruise's Leading Lady
Sat Apr 16, 2011 09:50

Good One Jay! Leading Lady(?) Who Else But Jane Fonda (~_o)!

  • fishnet whore houseJay Voorhees A2/3, Sat Apr 16 06:48
    The subject of the Fishnet whore house as remembered so well by Steve Perkins- A 2/3. This was a subject of review in detail at the last company reunion.The file on this piece of history was sealed... more
    • Fishnet whore house movieSteve Perkins A2/3, Sun Apr 17 08:49
      Leo Dicaprio as Jay Voorhees, Johnny Depp as Pusti, and Bogie as himself as the half drunk GI.
      • AuditionsThomas R. "Bogie" Bogenhagen, Sun Apr 17 12:07
        Steve He we go again, with a childish personal attack. You don't know if I even drank when I was in Viet Nam. or for that matter, if I even drink now. Seeing you have never bought me a drink or met... more
        • Auditionsratscallion70, Mon Apr 18 12:17
          • My Answer:Thomas R. "Bogie" Bogenhagen, Mon Apr 18 21:16
            IITYWYBAD? Bogie
    • Fishnet Whore Houseyogi, Sun Apr 17 07:42
      Being an FNG at the Fishnet with A 2/3 ,the guys told me about this famous establishment,young and fresh from the World,I was thinking of pretty round eyed beauties,so one night I wondered down there ... more
    • Tom Cruise's Leading Lady — Paul Frank@ FRishnet'68, Sat Apr 16 09:50
      • Tom Cruise Leading Ladyyogi, Sun Apr 17 07:50
        Good One Paul ,except she would have to be the Leading Lady for the NVA in the movie Platoon !!! : ) : ) Yogi
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