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Thomas R. "Bogie" Bogenhagen
Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:07


He we go again, with a childish personal attack.

You don't know if I even drank when I was in Viet Nam.

or for that matter, if I even drink now.

Seeing you have never bought me a drink or met me.

But, I will tell you this,

I never do anything halfway..........

Maybe, since the sealed file of the whore house

has been opened at the reunion,

Pewee Herman should play you?


  • Fishnet whore house movieSteve Perkins A2/3, Sun Apr 17 08:49
    Leo Dicaprio as Jay Voorhees, Johnny Depp as Pusti, and Bogie as himself as the half drunk GI.
    • Auditions — Thomas R. "Bogie" Bogenhagen, Sun Apr 17 12:07
      • Auditionsratscallion70, Mon Apr 18 12:17
        • My Answer:Thomas R. "Bogie" Bogenhagen, Mon Apr 18 21:16
          IITYWYBAD? Bogie
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