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Gunther Bahlaj
Wed Mar 28, 2012 21:44



Dear Redcatchers,

In our ongoing efforts to maintain our Redcatcher contacts, I would like to enlist your help in updating the Redcatcher e-mail roster. Please review the listing of these men whose e-mail addresses are incorrect or otherwise no longer valid. When checking, should you find either your name or that of your fellow Redcatcher and you have his address, please e-mail Johnny Velasquez at, (EAGL4EVR@COMCAST.NET) and provide the current contact information needed. The sole purpose for a listing of this sort is to help keep us informed and in touch with one another concerning any Redcatcher related news items, from time to time. A current list will benefit us all and, going forward, we plan on continued and periodic update announcements that will also serve as potential "buddy finders”. Keeping this list up to date is a huge job. We do need your help!

If you did not get notified of the June 2012 San Antonio reunion and don’t see your name on the list, then please provide your name and email to Johnny Velasquez. If you find your name with a Unit designation attached, it’s because there is more than one person with the same name and, designating your name with a specific unit should identify you. Important: if and when you do send me your updated e-mail, please make sure you include your full name so that I can properly file it. Thank you all for your help.

Stay Safe and Always Stay Redcatchers,

Johnny Velasquez
Bravo 4/12

PS Because of file size restrictions per posting, this is going to be 1 of 2 installments, the first of which will start with Abel, Larry and end with Quoss, Michael.

Abel, Larry
Abernathy, Wayne
Aclin, Kenneth
Adam, Oakland
Adams, Mark
Agosta, Gary
Akers, Kenneth
Akers, Robert
Akridge, Acey
Albertson, Richard
Alcaraz, Miguel
Alexander, Harry
Allegrina, Neal
Allen Sr. Hal
Allen, Jerry
Allerding, Martin
Alvelais, Luis
Alverson, David
Alyea, Robert
Anderson, Andy
Anderson, Russell
Andrews, James
Anton, George
Apitz, Mike
Archibald, Robert
Archibeque, Andy
Arminio, John
Armstrong, Larry
Arne, Anderson
Arnold, Terry
Arnold, Zewell
Arron, Ed
Arron., Ed
Arwine, Brain
Asp, Wayne
Auer, Frank
Augistine, Eugene
Austin, Ken
Aveles, Luis
Averill, Kieth
Averitt, Richard
Ayala, Ruben
Ayers, Edwin
Baer, Walter
Bagby, Jesse
Bailey, Bobby
Baker, Larry (B 5/12)
Balderson, Bob
Baldigowski, Eugene
Baldwin, Jeff
Baldwin, John
Baldwin, Michael
Bales, Ronnie
Ball, Ronald
Ballantine, Bill
Barajas, Kenneth
Barber, Henry
Barber, James
Barkley, William
Barnes, Brice
Barnett, James
Barnette, Zane
Baron, David
Barr, James
Barr, Robert
Barrett, Hand
Barrett, Mathew
Bartee, Roger
Bartelt, Walter
Bates, Earl
Bates, Rob
Battcock, Stephan
Bean W. Larry
Beenedict, David
Bell, John
Bell, Leon
Bengel, Gene
Bennett, Richard
Bennett, Robert
Benson, Curtis
Benson, Robert
Berdiner, Ray
Berkebile, Timothy
Bernal, A.J.
Bernstein, David
Berry, John
Bertholomey, Freddie
Bertwell, Billy
Bien, Dennis
Bills, Tom
Biondo, Peter
Birhanzel, Thomas
Bishop, David
Bishop, Don
Blackwood, Charles
Blair, Donald
Blanchard, Gary
Blanchard, Roger
Bland, Jerry
Blandchard, William
Bligh, Roger
Bliss, Dave
Block, Tom
Blyth, Ronald
Bobby, Richard
Bockel, David
Bohrer, Albert III
Boldt, Darrell
Booth, George
Borrego, Benny
Boscia, Norman
Boss, Terry
Bossio, Norman
Boswell, Tommy
Bowen, Darrell
Boyle, Chuck
Boyle, Tom
Brackett, Ray
Bramblitt, Gary
Brickhead, John
Briggs, Sam
Brignola, Nick
Brimm, Charles
Brixley, Ernest
Broadawaw, Robert
Broadhead, Clarence
Brodsky, George
Bronson, Richard
Brooks III, Henry
Brooks, Randy
Brooks, Tom
Brooks, Vernon
Brown, Dwain
Brown, Gary
Brown, Gerald
Brown, Herbert
Brown, Mack
Browning, Roger
Bruch, Stephan
Brummitt, Willard
Brunner, Duane
Bryan, Jim
Brzezinski, Louis
Bubier, Craig
Bucklen, Dailey
Bump, Robert
Burchett, Neal
Burdick, Dave
Burger, Jerry
Burke, Lance
Burkhard, Bruce
Burleson, Edison
Burnes, William
Burns, Gary
Burr, Dick
Burton, Larry
Butler, John
Byram, Steven
Cage, Ron
Caggiano, Tony
Callahan, Greg
Camm, James
Campanella, Sam
Canney, John
Cantor, Roger
Cappella, Anthony
Capwell, Herb
Carcel, Bob
Cardwell, Ronnie
Carley, Bob
Carlson, Donald
Carlson, James (Jimmy)
Carney, Bill
Carr, Vince
Carroll, Mike
Carson, Timothy
Carte, David
Cassidy, Ronald
Castelli, Silvio
Castlen, John
Catapane, Martin
Catusco, George
Cerminaro, Peter
Chambers, Bill
Chavez, Ram
Chavis, Mike
Chesbrough, Walter
Chesson, Jim
Christenson, Jerry
Chuhran, Frank
Churchill, Rob
Ciarciaglino, Joseph
Clark, Dave
Clark, Elliott
Clark, Jerry
Clark, Jim B
Clark, Larry
Clark, Mike
Clay, Chuck
Clem, David
Clemons, Edward
Clerc, Thomas
Clevenger, Ronald
Cloyne, Dennis
Coates, Grant
Collier, Steven
Compton, Larry
Conaway, Tom
Conti, John
Conway, Ronald
Cook, Chuck
Cook, David
Cook, Marvin
Cook, Paul
Cooley, Robert
Cope, Thomas
Corbett, Tom
Corder, Dewey
Corliss, Jeffrey
Costello, Joe
Cote, Richard
Cotto, Al
Cottrell, Mike
Courtney, Don
Cozzens, Edward
Crane, James
Craney, Pat
Cress, Kerry
Crider, Allen
Crowder, Clay
Crowley, Stephen
Cruz, George
Cullen, Vince
Cullinan, Mike
Cummings, Leonard
Curry, Tom
Curtin, Tom
Cusack, Peter
Cutler, Lonnie
Cydrus, Gene
Dabney, Will
Daly, Thomas
Dam, Tuan
Dancy, Tyrone
Darnley, Bob
Daube, Fritz
Davidson, Michael
Davis, Bruce
Davis, Steve
Davis, William
De La Bastide, Ken
De La Fuente, Richard
Deal, Terry
Dean, J.T.
DeClute, David
DeFluiter, Jack
Del Prince, Rick
Del Rio, Ron
Dell’Omo, Jack
Delporte, James
DeMercer, Neal
Denman, Roy
DeSimone, Victor
Desruisseau, Bonb
DeWart, Ed
Dicus, Walter
DiFonso, Gary
Dikker, Fred
Dillion, Leonard
Dobbs, John
Domke, Paul
Donatello, Don
Donegan, Michael
Doney, Dennis
Donley, George
Dorman, Robert
Dotson, Billy
Douglas, Jeff
Dowl, T
Dudley, Charles
Duffek, Frank
Duffield, James
Duhon, Ronald
Dull, Ed
Dump, E.F. (Sonnie)
Dumsch, Paul
Dungan, Steven
Dunn, John
Dunne, Tim
Duran, Robert
Durkee, Steve
DuVall, Bruce
Dykgraaf, Craig
Earnest, Bowes
Earnest, Charles
Eastman, Charles
Eastman, Chuck
Eddy, John
Edge, Eddie
Edwards, Robert
Eisenhuaer, Larry
Elkins, Johnny
Elliott, Carlos
Elliott, Michael
Ellis, Donald
Ellison, Jim
Ellison, Larry
Empkey, Fred
Engelskirch, Albert
England, Harvey
Ennis, James
Epps, Celtis
Erg, Dave
Erickson, Tom
Escamilla, Jose
Estes, Steve
Eugene, Charles
Ewing, Paul
Fairchild, Buddy
Fancher, Barry
Faulkner, Calvin
Faulks, Weldon
Faust, Harold
Fazio, Ron
Feichtmeir, Robert
Feldpausch, Mike
Feltman. Teddy
Ferris, John
Figueroa, Ralph
Filteau, Harlow
Finley, Ron
Fish, Richard
Fitsimmons, Jim
Fitzgerald, Jack
Flannery, Patrick
Flore, Gary
Flores, Angel
Flynn, Perry
Folliard, John
Fondren, Robert
Forsythe, James
Foster, Hugh
Fowler, Larry
Fraichard, Robert
Fralick, Terry
Francks. Wade
Fredberg, Jon
Free, Richard
Frick, David
Friedman, Danny
Friend, Mike
Frisk, Larry
Frye, Robert
Fuller, Robert
Funchar, Steve
Gaenzle, Jack
Gagner, Leslie
Gahring, John
Gallipeau, Tom
Gallo, Lewis
Galvan, Phillip Jr.
Gamino, Gilbert
Garcia, Daniel
Garcia, William
Gardner, Albert
Garner, Richard
Garrett, Wayne
Garshaw, David
Garst, Bob
Garvin, Jack
Gaschler, William
Gates, Tippy
Gates, Tom
Genest, Gerard
Gentile, Alfred
Gentry, Chuck
Gerwig, John
Gholson, Harley
Gibbs, Nick
Gibeault, Bob
Giel, John
Gierlach, John
Giles, Dave
Gillespie, James
Gilliland, Michael
Girado, John
Gladin, Douglas
Glasgow, Marty
Glass, John
Glenn, Ernest
Goad, Jack
Gobeli, Mike
Goedtel, Fred
Goodfriend, Arnold
Goonan, Thomas
Gordan, Vance
Goss, Miles
Gossett, Johnny
Gossland, Alex
Gouge, Bobby Jack
Gouliaski, Wayne
Graf, Eddie
Graham, Bob
Graham, Don
Grant, Dave
Grape, Harvey
Gray, Allen
Gray, Jack
Greathouse, Gene
Green, Jack
Green, Terry
Greene, Donald
Greene, Joe
Greenwood, Rick
Greenwood, Ronald
Gress, Orris
Griffen, Gordan
Griffith, Wesley
Grinstead, Larry
Grugel, Allen
Guenther, Ed (Gabby)
Guhl, Otto
Guinn, David (D 4/12)
Gushwa, Marty
Gustin, Lloyd
Gutierrez, Johnny
Gyallay-Pap, Peter
Haaff, John
Hall, Don
Hall, Earl
Hall, Jim
Hall, Larry
Hall, Richard
Hall, William
Hamm, John
Hampton, Wayne
Handcock, Don
Hanna, Noel
Hardin, Bill
Harless, Marshall
Harmon, Tom
Harnack, Alan
Harpeng, Frank
Harrington, Bill
Harris, James
Harrison, Roger
Harrity, James
Hartley, Mac
Hartman, Dick
Hartman, William
Harvey, Arthur
Hassenfratz, Bob
Hayes, Douglas
Hazelwood, Wilton R
Hean, Richard
Heatley, Joshua
Heaton, Garold
Hedberg, Dennis
Hedlin, John
Heffley, Gary
Helms, David
Helton, James
Hembree, Charles
Hemingway, David
Henbree, Bob
Henderson, Drew
Hendrix, Jim
Henry, James
Henry, Kenneth
Henwood, Joel
Hernandez, Rolf
Hesselden, Kurt
Hiatt, David
Hickle, Ernest
Hickman, Don
Hickman, Elwood
Higgins, Michael
Higgins, Tommy
Hill, Bo
Hill, Julian
Hill, William
Hilleary, Gil
Hinson, William
Hjelden, Paul
Holliday, George
Holmes, Susan (Mrs. Top)
Hope, Perry
Hopkins, H.G.
Horine, James
Horton, Glenn Jr.
Horton, Joe
Hottenstein, Lowell
Houghton, Steve
Houser, John
Hoversten, Robert
Howard, Raymond
Howe, Phil
Howell, Raymond
Hudson, Duffy
Huff, Robert
Huff, Roy
Hufferd, John
Hughes, James
Hull, Charles Jr.
Hume, John
Humphrey, Dave
Hunt, C.D.
Hunt, Harlod
Hurlbutt, :Lew
Hutchings, Clark
Hutchinson, Mark
Hutmaker, Jay
Hyatt, Eddie
Hyden, William
Ide, Edward
Ingham, Ken
Isbell, Ted
Isley, Bob
Ivers, Drew
Jackier, Benjamin Jr.
Jackson, Stan
Jacobs, Julius
Jaeger, Arthur
Janke, William
Janowiak, Ken
Janway, Mike
Jarrard, Robert
Jarrett, Jim
Jauch, Jim
Jckson, David (With old email of David.Jackson 4582)
Jean, Fred
Jefferson, James
Jelten, Al
Jennings, Darrell
Jennings, Michel
Jentz, Ed
Jeter, Willie
John, Gary
Johns, Daniel
Johnson, Billy
Johnson, Charles (Chuck)
Johnson, Dave (B/5/12)
Johnson, Don
Johnson, Donald (A 2/3)
Johnson, Donald (E 5/12)
Johnson, Dwight
Johnson, Ernest
Johnson, Gary
Johnson, Jessie
Johnson, Jim
Johnson, Kenneth
Johnson, Mike
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, Timothy
Johnson, Wayne
Jones, Clarence Walter
Jones, David L
Jones, Larry
Jones, Walter (A 4/12)
Jordan, Ernest III
Jordan, Ernie
Joseph, Stanley
Jovan, Jim
Kahne, John
Kalusa, Frank
Kane, George
Karner, Daniel
Kauffman, Michael
Kaylor, Cliff
Keebler, George L. III
Keen, Lawrence
Keiser, Rob
Keiser, Steven
Keller, George
Kelly, Jean
Kelly, Rick
Kennedy, Michael
Kiekhaefer, Bill
Kiester, Chuck
Kilgore, Arthur
Kilgore, Chris
Kimble, Alvion
King, Gary
King, James
Kinstler, Bill
Klein, Donald
Klinger, Bill
Klones, Jim
Knight, Adrian
Knowles, Larry
Kobnielak, Joe
Koch, Greg
Kolar, Frank Jr.
Koneval, John
Koot, John
Kostellic, Paul
Kovatch, Wyane
Kowalski, Edwin
Krancich, Steve
Krause, William
Krugman, Terry
Kuandart, William
Kubick, Mike
Kulans, Gunars
Kurman, William
Kwiatkowski, Dave
Lacy, Michael
Lafayette, Edward
Lake, Hugh
Lambert, David
Lamond, John
Lance, Kenneth
Langford, Bill
Langston, Jessie
LaPorta, Michael
Lapp, Gary
Larson, Fred
Larson, Michael
Lassiter, James
Laub, Rick
Laudenslager, Richard
Laus, Richard
Lawlor, James
Lawver, Larry
Lee, Albert
Lee, Michael
Lefler, John
Leguillow, Tony
Leinheiser, Robert
Lenehan, Joe
Leon, James
Leonhardt, Doug
LeRiche, Walt
Letzig, Gary
Lewis, Cecil
Lewis, Dan
Lewis, Jerry
Lewis, John
Lewis, Ronald
Lewis, Steven
Lianza, Peter
Lingo, Ray
Livingston, Ralph
LJR” With old email of
Lldis, Tony
Lockhart, James
Loden, Bill
Logan, Max
Logue, Steven
Long, Gary
Long, Larry
Long, Robert
Loop, Clyde
Love, Robert
Loveall, Earl
Lovejoy, Allan
Lowery, Lindy
Lunghi, John
Lusiak, Robert
Lweis, Dan
Lyle, Rick
Lyons, Jerry
Lyotte, Lawrence
Maalachowski, Carmillo
Mace, Michael
Madison, L.J.
Magers, Richard
Mahnken, Rich
Main, Joe
Maison, Bill
Malawy, Dennis
Mangani, Frank
Manis, Tom
Manley, Ted
Mann, John
Manske, Tad
Manzanares, Eduardo
Markowsky, Sy
Martin, Bob (A 3/7)
Martin, Danny
Martin, Dave
Martin, Dennis
Martin, Grady
Martin, John Jr.
Martin, Miles
Martinez, Michael
Marvin, Chester
Marzan, Jamie L
Matson, Ernest
Matthews, Frank
Matthias, James
Matyi, John
Mau, David
McBee, Joe “Squeak”
McCall, William
McCarthy, Dennis
McClamroch, Robert
McClarnon, Jim
McCleery, Kammy
McClure, William (Mack)
McCord, Symm
McCormick, Mark
McCullough, Dave
McCune, Steve
McCure, David
McDonald, Daniel
McDonald, Jerry
McDonald, Steve
McDougall, Larry
McDowell, John
McEvers, David
McFarland, Allen
McGee, Jerry
McGee, Jim
McGill, Dennis
McGougain, James
McGowan, Thomas Jr.
McGuire R. Will
McGuire, Charles
McIntosh, Ken
McKay, Charles
McKee, Bruce
McMorrow, John
McMurl, Glenn
McNeal, Horace
McNeal, Ron
McPeters, Earl
Meadows, Carl
Mebe, Jerry
Meeks, Gerald
Meier, Alvin
Melcic, Richard
Menton, Jim
Mercurio, Tom
Midkiff, James
Miles, Joseph
Mileski, Bernard
Milkstein, Gary
Miller, Brady
Miller, Clayton
Miller, Dale
Miller, Galen
Miller, Gary
Miller, James
Miller, Joe (HHC Brigade)
Miller, John
Miller, Richard
Miller, Steven
Mills, Jim
Milner, Brian
Milstead, Steven
Miner, Phil
Misfeldt, Byron
Mittchell, Andrew
Mixer, Frederick
Mobley, Michael
Molitor, Pat
Molleda, Roberto
Monk, Gary
Montgomery, Ken
Moody, Michael
Mooney, Frank
Moore, Dennis
Moore, James
Moore, Paul
Moore, Tom
Mora, Henry
Morales, Valentine
Moran, Michael
Morano, Thomas
Morel, Irving
Moren, Dale
Morland, Edwin
Morris, Danny
Morris, Roger
Moseley, Walter
Mulhern, Vincent
Mullins, James
Mullins, Sterlin
Mulroney, Frank
Murillo, Rufino
Murphy, Gary
Murphy, Wallace
Muse, Larry
Mutiz, Andy
Mwesigwa, Herbert
Mydland, Merv
Nelson, Don
Nelson, Greg
Netherton, David
Neuner, Steve
Newman, Al
Nichols, Donald
Noll, Roger
Nolte, Donald
Norris, John
Norris, Larry
North, Ray
Northup, Charles
Novotny, Charles
Nowacki, Darold
Nugent, John
Nutt, Tom
Nyman, Bill
O’Donald, Patrick
O’Donnell, John
O’Grady, Michael
Okuma, Ralph
Olsen, Ed (A 2/3)
Olsen, Jim (C 3/7)
Orem, Ron
Orick, Charles
Orona, Jim
Orrison, Bob
Ortega, Dan
Ortiz, Phillip
Owsley, Roger
Oyler, Lance
Padilla, Henry
Padovan, Terry
Paladine, Joseph
Palmer, Richard (HHC 3/7)
Palmer, Richard (HHC Brigade)
Parish, Harley
Parker, William
Parks, David
Parsons, Ralph
Payne, Gregory
Pearson, Herbert
Peck, Edward
Peet, Lawrence
Pelegrin, Melvin
Pempsell, Bob
Pennington, Wayne
Pepe, James
Perez, Carmelo
Perez, John
Perkins, Tim
Perry, David
Perry, Dennis
Perry, Lee
Perry, Skip
Peters, John III
Peters, Larry
Peters, Mike
Peters, Paul
Peters, Roy
Peterson, Dave
Peveto, Gene
Phillips, Craig
Phillips, Roger
Phillips, Stevie
Pico, Anthony
Pierce, David
Pitman, Richard
Pitts, Michael
Plott, Sam
Pollard, Bill
Pollard, Fred
Pollastrini, Allen
Polley, Douglas
Poole, Terry
Pope, Joe
Porter, Bobby
Posten, Michael
Povey. Pete
Power, Jerry
Prazuch, Don
Prescott, Dave
Price, John
Price, John Jr.
Priebe, David
Prince, Daryl
Pritchett, Tom
Pugh, Michael
Purcell, Gary
Purcell, Robert
Putman, Tom
Putney, Thomas
Pylpow, Bill
Quiney, Shelton
Quinones, Jamie
Quoss, Michael


    • I live in the Villages , fla.
      • Email updateAnonymous, Thu Apr 18 00:25
        I was with 4/12 Echo Recon/LRRP and Tiger Patrol Jan 69 to Jan 70. My email is I was with LT who drowned and LT Quizdak (?) and Bobby Porter and crew.
    • leon james jr e-mail is i hope you get this info also i was in 2/40 arty b battery in the nam from dec 66 to oct 67
      • NEW EMAIL ADDRESSSAM "DOC" BRIGGS, Thu Apr 5 23:46
        • Re: NEW EMAIL ADDRESSRick, Sat Apr 7 08:43
          Congratulations Sam. That's great news about your benefits. Rick
        • Doc SamJohnny Velasquez, Sat Apr 7 07:18
          Your welcome Doc
      • 2/40henryptodd, Sat Mar 31 19:57
        Hello Leon I was the Bn. Ammunition NCOIC SVC Btry 2/40 FA I also was with you 66-67 ...Are you going to any Reunions?I think I will be at Ft Bliss Tx during that time frame my Grand Doug. is going... more
        • Re: 2/40leon james jr, Sun Apr 1 07:03
          Hello henryptodd, I live in the bronx new york. I was planning on going to San Antonio Texas, but i have to take care of my father
          • REUNIONHENRY TODD, Mon Apr 2 21:22
        • Up date email HENRY P TODD , Sat Mar 31 20:05
          my email address is Phone # 270 312 0909 home address 347 Pinewood Dr.Radcliff Ky 40160.. Served with Svc Btry 2/40th FA From May 66-- Nov 66 at Ft Benning Ga On z Plane 28 Nov... more
          • e-mailbob pempsell, Mon Apr 2 10:38
            sgt.bob pempsell D-btry.2/40arty.march-april\1970,attached to D-co.5/12inf.recon sgt. forward observer april-sept.70 e-mail
    • redcatcher e-mailleon james jr, Sat Mar 31 15:00
      I hope you get this info and add my name to list of redcatchers roster thank you
      • Leon JamesJohnny Velasquez, Mon Apr 2 07:14
        Leon, You didn't provide your email in your message, Please sned it to me at my Johnny V
        • My InfoGary Coufal, Fri Apr 19 05:59
          Gary Coufal, 1st Platoon C 4/12 March67-March68, Home Addrress 62 Kellar Rd. Central Square N.Y. 13036 Home Phone (315) 668-2111 Cell (315( 440-6328.
    • We need everyone help to fill in the missing email addresses. Please help with the missing info. Rick
      • email addressesJohn W. Hart, Sat Mar 31 00:09
        Pempsell, Bob
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