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Gunther Bahlaj
Redcatchers in Cambodia "Raiding the Sanctuary"
Mon Jan 28, 2013 21:10


Thank you so much for producing this video clip for us all. Your Dad, Jack, must be extremely proud of you and what you do to help preserve our 199th LIB legacy.

In your pictures and video, I saw the faces of so many of my comrades/buddies; Sloopy, Schroeder, Shorty, Siggy, Speedy, Sgt. Rundel, Harold, Guerrera, Herrero, Ram, Acuna, Foster, Garcia, Delgado, Cooley, Witzig, McGowen, Augon, Chico, Knight, "Sonny" Phillips, Rau, "Florida" Davis, "Pigpen" Moore, Robinson, Thompson, Jones, Brown, Howard, Clavio, Anton, Flukas, Artis Douglas, Kussy, Grover, Hannah, Hernandez, Hooper, Looker, McElyea, Mejia, Muoz, Pancho, Rip, Robbins, Rule, Runyan, Wampler, Wells, Wiffler, Benesh, Dabney, Steger, Smith, Rydstrom and others I cannot put a name to but still remember as if it were yesterday. That "my guys" did not serve in the Brigade during the timeline of your video does not matter to me.

We are all familiar with the expression, "they all look alike"? Well, it's the damned truth. At least in my mind's eye, we all certainly did so very much look alike. Just consider the glassy-eyed stares, exhaustion filled and gaunt-looking faces that our hands might cover while bent over with grief or anxiety, and then the goofy smiles and laughs, peace signs given (even a "half" of a peace sign shown more often then not) and the near beer cans raised in occasional toasts and cheers to help relax, unwind and forget, for a time.

Thanks again for putting together these visions of the past, bittersweet as some of them may have been. Thanks too for the incentive your post provided me to go on a short but therapeudic trip and writing binge.

Redcatchers Forever,


  • Redcatchers in Cambodia "Raiding the Sanctuary"Robert J. Gouge, Sun Jan 27 12:20
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        • Fire base BrownJames Ruh, Thu Mar 20 14:09
          Tom: I remember you well. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well. Jim
          • Great to hear from you!tomleckinger, Thu Mar 20 18:46
            All is well - retired and living in Thailand after a career in international development which took me to many countries, including extended Vietnam and Cambodia posts. How are things with you? Send... more
    • Redcatchers in Cambodia "Raiding the Sanctuary" — Gunther Bahlaj, Mon Jan 28 21:10
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