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roll call
Thu Oct 24, 2013 16:42

Henry Padilla delta 4/12 1st plt '69-'70 from Rancho Cucamonga

  • Roll CallJohn R. Gillette Aco 4-12inf 66-67, Sat Oct 12 09:29
    First I'd like to say one thing . I don't say a lot on here but I've learned a lot from you boys and girls. You've help me deal with some issues. Like how we were treated when we came home Viet-Nam.... more
    • roll call — Anonymous, Thu Oct 24 16:42
      • ROLL CALLD.CRUZ, Sun Nov 24 14:51
      • roll callleon james jr, Fri Oct 25 05:46
        b-battery 2/40th artillary dec66 to oct 67
    • Roll CallGlenn Isaacs, Mon Oct 21 15:17
      Sgt. Jan 69-Jan 70 Echo 4/12 Recon Teams Echo 4/12 Radar Team Echo 4/12 Tiger Patrol Teams Welcome home Brothers all!
    • Roll CallJim Johnson, Fireball 68', Fri Oct 18 11:40
      SP/5 Jim Johnson, Avionics Mechanic HHC,"Fireball Aviation" 1968-69. Is there other Fireballers out there?
    • Rool CallJohn Mulholland, Fri Oct 18 10:19
      A/4/12 1st Pl. RTO 66-67 Hellertown, PA
      • Roll Callrekidd47, Wed Oct 23 07:39
        Richard Kidd B Company 5 /12 199 th Third Heard April 68/May 69 Just Retired West Salem , Ohio
        • greetingsjose cuellar, Fri Dec 20 18:23
          Richard were you with B co in Ft Lewis?
          • At Fort Lewisrekidd47, Sat Dec 21 07:10
            Yes , Jose I was with B Company at Fort Lewis, We left there as whole unit , flew in to Bien Hoa in April of 68
        • Comrade die,sSteve Keiser, Fri Oct 25 14:08
          Alan Hemberger (Hemmi) to his army friends, past can go to and they have a sign in book.
        • Roll callamanueljudy, Thu Oct 24 08:20
          Manuel Acuna D 4/12 may 68-69
    • Roll CallTom Windberg, Wed Oct 16 09:48
      HHC, 199th Light Infantry Brigade July '69 - June '70. I reside in Southwestern Indiana
    • Roll Callmbegley4, Wed Oct 16 05:35
      Sp. 4 Mack Begley, Tenn. HHB 2/40 th Assigned to 5/12 as Artillary Laison with 4 Man team. March 68 until April 69.
    • Good InfoDennis Julianna, Mon Oct 14 08:26
      John thanks for the info.Been there with you from Ft Benning to the boat sickness at the Gate and Viet Nam.I also retired 22 yrs later.We will never forget!Take care brother. Dennis Julianna Aco 4/12 ... more
      • re:Roll callJohn R. Gillette A co 4-12Inf 199th , Mon Oct 14 18:03
        I like it when we do a Roll Call it lets everyone New and Old know who we are. I've found a lot of folks from the 4-12 that I didn't know was out there. Also some 199th'ers that are in Michigan. And... more
        • Roll CallWalter Bynum, Tue Oct 15 12:14
          W L Bynum reporting sir: C 2/3 and HHQ 2/3 199th Inf Bde. Oct 1967 to Oct 1968. Trained in Tigerland Fort Polk, La. Now living in Houston, Tx
          • roll calldave lacroix, Wed Oct 16 11:50
            DA LaCroix 87th engr co 6/68 to 6/69, was engr sqd ldr who supported 4/12th during that time period. now living Ft Worth,Tx
            • Roll Calljohn 87th eng, Thu Oct 17 13:38
              John Walker 87th Eng.Co.from 6/6/66-6/6/68 RVN 18mo. Dave I just left when you came in. John
          • Roll call...Kammy McCleery, Wed Oct 16 08:14
            7/67 - @5 January 1968 - I/II Corps 1/68 - 8/68 - 199th LIB - 7th Support Roll Redcatchers!
            • roll callMike Hellberg, Wed Oct 16 23:27
              A 4/12 69-70 I live in Oregon.
              • Roll CallLyle Webster, Fri Oct 18 09:34
                Co M 75th Inf (Rangers) 7/69-4/70
                • Roll CallEliceo Martinez, Sat Oct 19 20:15
                  Eliceo Martinez 3/7 Bravo Company, 3rd Platoon 1/70-10/70. Anyone remember Ortega with Arty Co. 1/70-10/70?
                • Re: Roll CallAnonymous, Sat Oct 19 07:18
                  Tom Monahan A 2/3 67-68
          • Roll CallBob Cusick, Wed Oct 16 05:55
            R L Cusick B Battery 2/40th 199th LIB Vietnam '69 August -'70 September. Jersey boy and still reside in North Jersey. Trained in Ft Dix, Ft Sam and Ft Sil then shipped to Vietnam.
          • Roll CallLarry Merryman, Wed Oct 16 00:49
            Sgt. Larry Merryman 298th Sig Plt 9/67-9/68
          • Roll CallLarry Merryman, Wed Oct 16 00:48
            Sgt. Larry Merryman 298th Sig Plt
            • Roll CallFreddie Harmon , Thu Oct 17 10:01
              HHC 5/12 from March 69 to March 70. I know I have not been on here in some time but I still keep up with y'all and several on Facebook. Still in Gaffney SC and glad to be a part of The 199th LIB. God ... more
            • Roll CallJoe Tchinski, Thu Oct 17 09:55
              Joseph G.Tchinski Spec 4, 11 Delta, Armor Reconnaissance Crewman 17 th Calvary D Troop, Armored 2 nd Platoon, Track 26 driver October 1969- October 1970
              • Thank YouEdwin Muck, Sun Dec 3 21:45
                You served with my dad same name D troop 17th cav 199th. Welcome home!!
        • Roll Call - StateKeith Averill, Tue Oct 15 08:26
          I didn't mention but I also live in Michigan.
        • Roll-CallRobert Tolliver, Tue Oct 15 07:31
          C 3/7 and 7th support
          • roll callJay Reese, Wed Oct 16 13:09
            Jay Reese (Sgt) C 3/7 199th 09/66 to 12/67 Training: Ft. Ord, Ft. Benning Now living in Culver City, Ca
            • Roll CallDaniel Seidenberg D-5/12 1968, 69, Thu Oct 17 06:25
              Daniel Seidenberg [PFC, Retired] D-5/12, 2nd Plt. 12/68 to 3/69 [WIA] Trained at Ft. Lewis Santa Barbara, Ca.
            • ROLL CALLHank Sisneros, Thu Oct 17 01:18
              SSGT. HANK SISNEROS-C 2/3 Feb 67 -Feb 68 and C Co,2nd Bn.-159th Inf. ARNG San Jose, California
              • Roll CallWayne Nicholls, Fri Oct 18 17:34
                SP4 Wayne Nicholls, B Btry 2/40 Arty 199th LIB 10 JAN 70 to OCT 70 when Colors went home. Then to 7/11 Arty 25th ID to 10 NOV 70. ETS Fort Carson CO on 19 AUG 71. Reside in Long Beach CA
                • roll callGary Alderman, Sat Oct 19 12:04
                  D-Troop 17th Cav 3rd plt {medic] 7 months and Brigade Surgeon Driver 5 months In country nov 68 to nov 69. From Virginia but now living in Kentucky near Ft Knox.
                  • Roll CallEd White, Sun Oct 20 12:36
                    D-Troop 17th Cav Driver Radar Track D 42 Oct 69-Oct 70 K.C. Mo
                    • Thank YouEdwin Muck, Sun Dec 3 21:48
                      I am almost positive my dad has mentiined you. He has the same name as me and was in your unit at the same time. Welcome home!
              • Roll CallDave Hait, Fri Oct 18 11:42
                Dave Hait Clawson, Michigan C 2/3 199th 2nd platoon March 1968 - March 1968
    • Roll CallKeith Averill, Sun Oct 13 13:01
      All I want to say is, John, Thank you for your service and glad you are here. Welcome Home
    • John R. Gillette ...Roll Callyogi199lib, Sun Oct 13 07:54
      Hello John , first of all thank you for your service. I agree with you 100 percent about "disrespecting" our President ! Thank you for your post. Yogi A Co 2/3 10/68 to 1/70
    • Thomas Payne quote on Freedom of Speech and PoliticsLucero the Great!!!, Sun Oct 13 07:08
      Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense that helped fuel the American Revolution, is quoted as saying: "It is better to debate an issue and not settle it, than to settle an issue and not debate it."... more
      • Hey LuceroLarry Merryman, Mon Oct 14 01:29
        Those who refuse to participate in politics (or political debate) are destined to be governed by inferiors!!
        • ROLL CALLDavid Handlos, Fri Oct 18 09:47
          IN COUNTRY 02/07/69 to 03/01/70 2/40 arty b&hq batt
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