John (Shorty) Thalison
D Trp. 17th Cav.
Wed May 14, 2014 01:05

I arrived in-country at the same time the Sheridans. I was trained on 48's & 60's in Ft. Knox, never saw or heard of a Sheridan until I arrived at D Trp. Sept. 1969. I was on D36, Plt. Sgt. Murphy's track. It seems to me that we were pulling security for some arty on Apr. 1, 1970 when we received word that 2nd Plt. had been hit. Our main gun was "out-of-battery". Some tracks took off toward where the incident happened. As I recall (it's been well over 40 years ago) by the time we arrived it was too late to be of any use. Ken Swain, ? Harris, Sgt. Hawkins are some of the namws I recall that were on our track. Ken was killed in a motorcycle accident in CA, circa 2005. There was another guy we just called "Tex". Tex was injured while we were putting on new tracks, while in the field, no less. Tex was aerovaced (sp) out. I never heard what became of him. BTW, I have reservations made to be at the reunion in New Orleans in June.

  • d trp 17th arcav 199th libphil parry, Tue May 13 15:52
    Hello I was assigned to d trp when they had the jeeps and were at Cat Lei between Cho Lon and Long Bin. I was originaly a finance clerk. Asked for a reassignment. Went to D Trp. A couple of weeks... more
    • D Trp. 17th Cav. — John (Shorty) Thalison, Wed May 14 01:05
      • Tankers Slim, Thu May 15 04:36
        Hi John I came to the troop month after you , same same with me never been on a Sheridan only 48's & 60's after fort Knox armor school . Then after Redcatcher training course they gave me a book at... more
        • Cav.John (Shorty) Thalison, Fri May 16 21:25
          Pleased to make your aquaintance, Slim. Which track were you on? I've been to the renunion in D.C. once, but it was a long time ago, 1990 or 1991. Central Michigan here, how's about you?
          • CAVSLIM , Sat May 17 06:48
            Hi I was on track 15 4/1/70 , went up in flames , I'm from New Jersey . allot of guys who come to the reunions are from same tour 69-70 and lots of different years and tours all the way back to gun... more
            • CavBob Cusick, Sun May 18 06:58
              Hey Slim: Where in Jersey are you? I live in Wayne, NJ. Are you going to the New Orleans reunion? I was with B Battery 2/40th 1969-1970 out of fire support base Mace as our home away from home.... more
              • 2/40THJohn Domina, Thu May 22 16:31
                Bob, Were you at Dinh II on 4-18-70John
                • 2/40thBob Cusick, Thu May 22 16:40
                  Hello John: I will check memory seems to fade somewhat after all these years. If B Battery 2/40th 105 guns were there then I was there. I believe that was one of the many fire support bases we... more
                  • dinh iiJOHN DOMINA, Wed Mar 22 11:08
                    Bob, I have some DOD reports from MACV,and others. unit. The original reports said about 375 NVA hit Dinh II These reports vary from Batl,and several supporting Sapper Companys. The RPG that hit our... more
                  • F B DINH , 4/18 /70Joe Tchinski, Sat May 24 13:08
                    I was just getting released back to BMB from 93rd Evac from wounds received 4/1/70, Action against 33rd NVA w/ D troop , combat DX'd one sheridan, RPG's got us after running out of Ammo and guns that ... more
                    • Dinh IIJohn Domina, Sun May 25 07:12
                      Joe, There were 3 tracks hit that morning.I was in the one on the berm and close to the 2/40 area. I was put on a Dust-off and did not get to see the FSB in day light.Do you know of anybody who got... more
                    • Fire Base DinhBob Cusick, Sat May 24 15:32
                      Yes our unit B 2/40th was at that base and if I recall you guys came in and pulled security for us as there was a threat of invasion. And as we all know the threat was real. We had the 105 guns and... more
                  • Dinh IIJohn Domina, Fri May 23 07:01
                    Bob, We got hit by the 33rd NVA Regt at 0300 we lost 3 tracks their that morning John
              • BOBSLIM, Sun May 18 08:56
                Hi Bob I'm in central jersey Brunswick area , been to mace many times , that was our last stop before Fort Apache ( indian territory ) . Spent X-Mass 69 there with engine troubles on my tank . Hot... more
                • SlimBob Cusick, Sun May 18 12:17
                  Thanks for the comeback. Yea I was also there Christmas of '69. Mace was our staging area for the 105 guns. I ran the FDC for B Battery. We were always moving around but always came home. New... more
                  • ReunionsJohn "Shorty" Thalison, Mon May 19 11:20
                    I remember spending quite a little time at Mace. I think that was our home away from home (home being Camp-Frenzell-Jones (sp) at Long Binh). There was one other FSB that we (D Trp.) spent a lot of... more
                    • d trp. 17th Cav.John "Shorty" Thalison, Tue May 27 14:19
                      Now I remember the name of that seems to me that we spent quite a bit of time in and around that area. I'm told it was turned over to the ARVNS at some time.
                  • Reunions SLIM, Sun May 18 14:09
                    Hi We have been doing our own thing since the take over few years back , myself along with pete J and few others started the reunions back in 1982 , long story as I'm sure you heard , for like 26... more
                    • ReunionsBob Cusick, Sun May 18 16:14
                      Hey SLIM: Not being privy to the reasons for the separation of the units I have no comment. It's sad that there is this split among the brothers but I recently received a voting ballot to enter my... more
            • 17th Cav.John "Shorty" Thalison, Sat May 17 12:54
              Oh yes, none of us will forget that infamous day,1 Apr. 1970. I have like a 4th cousin that lives on one of those "islands" off the east coast of NJ. Neither one of us have been able to figure out... more
              • 17th Cav.John "Shorty" Thalison, Sat May 17 12:56
                For anyone that would like to have it, my email addy is:
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