Getting older
Wed Oct 7, 2015 09:48

Since everyone is about the same age, getting older has its problems. Thank you Ric for doing a great job. You helped me out a lot. I was with the HQ 2/40th, but served with all the Inf. Co's and Brigade at one time or another. I never thanked our Battery clerk who always manged to get my mail to me where ever I was. How he kept track of me I never gave it much thought. Everyone in the 199th that I worked with did an outstanding job. I always was glad to have tracks on the perimeter outside our FSB's. How those guys who humped the boonies, I give a lot of respect to. I was just glad I wasn't one of them. Compared to them my stay was a walk in the park. Everyone I came in contact with treated there job as if they worked for me. I tried to do the same for them.

All those guys with 11 MOS have my respect. I had a few close calls, but nothing compared to those guys. That I can write this today is purely by luck. That those of you, who are reading this, can say the same thing.

I was a 2nd generation REDCATCHER,67-68. I was extremely happy to get a 30 day drop at the end of my tour. At the time of being drafted I really did not care, but the Army changed my attitude for the better. Unfortunately, it wasn't so wonderful for a lot of people.


  • Redcatcher DocumentaryLarry Merryman, Mon Jan 3 01:42
    Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. There are grants out there somewhere for projects like this. I'll be looking for one...or two. Great idea. It took me (and probably many others) 40 years to even... more
    • Getting older — Lewis Jay Deutsch, Wed Oct 7 09:48
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